Get the new hole punch | Septwolves pin buckle belt | Men's leather belt | Leather belt M | classic simplicity

Get the new hole punch | Septwolves pin buckle belt | Men's leather belt | Leather belt M | classic simplicity

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2014 summer
  • Width: 3.3cm
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Brand: Septwolves / seven wolves
  • Style: Belt
  • Material: leather floor
  • Material technology: Embossing
  • With the body element: ginning Scrub
  • Belt buckle style: Buckle
  • Buckle Material: Alloy
  • Popular elements: geometric patterns
  • style: Casual
  • Length: lap
  • To apply a gender: Male
  • Color Category: Black 8800 Tip: Get a hole punch card + screwdriver + saber 95,000 black brown 8900 brown brown 234000 235 000 94 000 black brown 0700
  • Product Number: 7A92038800
  • Suitable for: young, middle-aged Elderly

Pro immediate effect on shipping buy this belt knife sending a card, hole punch and a screwdriver, be made directly with the package, limited 800 while supplies last! First-come, oh!

Brand Seven wolves Place of Origin Fujian Province With the body element Car suture
Buckle Material alloy Take the body material Peel layer coating Layer cow leather Colour black
size Lengths 110-125cm width 3.3cm
Ship A belt, a bag, tag and comes with certificate security check

This baby have the opportunity to shop on the candidates 'Taobao official activities', a lot of concessions during the event there are wood therefore is hereby announced as follows!!:

(1) refers to the courier or through STO Oh, you need to send good luck or EMS customers, please contact customer service make up the difference Oh! Thank you parents for your cooperation. Free shipping only mainland.

(2) Please leave a message at the waist shot Height or weight or desired length, length of the belt will not comment on random delivery oh.

Each belt will be wrapped with complimentary adjustment tool set!

Black 8800 (the bandwidth of about 3.3cm)

Brown 8900

Brown 0700 (the bandwidth of about 3.3cm)

Black 94000

Brown 95,000

Is not genuine? How product quality?

A: The pro shop sold goods 100%Is genuine, we are Taobao Mall seller, is operating as the background, the sale are brand

Brand official authorization, the sale of products have security labels, phone support and website, support counter inspection! Please pro assured to buy!

Prices can then offer some more?

A: pro, very sorry oh, our products are in strict accordance with the minimum requirements of the sales price brands, all the products are out

Code price, no bargaining, we want to spend more time on improving the quality of our service, oh.

Physical description and store the same?

A: The store baby are taken in kind, but because of shooting light technology and PC monitor color settings and other reasons, pictures

There may be a certain color and kind, please prevail in kind oh.

You can store all the baby ensure shipment?

A: Because the company's products more daily sales is relatively large, so the stock changes rapidly, please before purchase and our customer service staff

Contact to confirm the actual stock, oh.

What time of day its delivery?

A: Same day 16:30Before successful payment orders can be shipped the same day, oh, after the order, the next day in time for your delivery.

When you will receive the cargo?

A: Generally Jiangsu, Zhejiang 1, 2Days to cities elsewhere in the country 3Days in remote towns 4Days, village hair EMS need


Do you support credit card payments it?

A: The support of the pro-Oh, as long as your credit card to open online banking payment service can be oh.

Upon receipt of the goods found to have quality problems how to do?

A: We support seven days no reason to return, oh, if you receive the goods 7Days found a problem with the product, please keep the product tag

Anti-counterfeiting packaging integrity, and communicate with the customer at the first time, we will properly resolve to you, oh.

Who for return shipping costs borne by it?

Answer: because of quality problems, we send the wrong goods return, our freight exchanges is borne Oh, for personal reasons after you received the case

Do not Like return, you are required to bear the freight exchanges, and this shop is to support 7No reason to return Oh.

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