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Snorkeling Sambo anti-fog flattening myopia diving mirror | full dry breathing tube set | superficial equipment diving mirror

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  • made in China
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  • (Lemon yellow) Masks + breathing tube (sapphire blue) Separate breathing tube (please specify the color) Diving alone (Crystal Knife Black) Masks + breathing tube (crystal powder) Mirror (please specify the color) Longflipper (note color shoes code)
  • Time to market: Spring 2015

The role of snorkeling Sambo: 1, the whole dry breathing tube allows you to face buried in the water under the snorkeling can breathe air snorkeling snorkeling you will understand the snorkel in the important position; 2, diving mirror allows you to easily observe the underwater The nose cover also in the mirror - to avoid the dive caused by water pressure when the nose may be the same time, easy to do when the nose and mouth dive balance of pressure to protect the eardrum (which can not replace the swimming goggles, swimming goggles can not For diving.) 3, the fins of the driving force can make you more effort to reach the destination faster, strong buoyancy also allows you to easily head out of the water (even if the breathing tube is also easy to breathe air). Sambo for snorkeling potential to provide considerable security for snorkeling activities is an integral part of.

Tempered glass diving mirror:

Style: double-sided mirror diversification design
Material: mask, headband for the high-level silicone, frame PC, safety glass explosion-proof glass
Features: The introduction of large field of vision, low capacity, easy to drainage design, work well.Food grade silicone health non-toxic, anti-seawater corrosion, no allergies.
Color: see the specific figure above
Size: adult code
Packaging: double-sided plastic packaging

Full dry breathing tube:

Style: all dry-type anti-wave and the next drain valve design
Material: biting mouth, snake belly tube for high-grade silicone, the body of PVC
High-grade silicone material non-toxic, anti-seawater corrosion, non-allergic flexibility is good; all dry with a number of national and regional patent on the anti-wave on the first row and the lower drainage valve Designed to help users (whether novice or skilled) to reduce the Cang water, easy to breathe, the use of comfort, extended diving time.
Color: concrete see above physical map
Size: adult code

Packing: double blister packaging

'Wear methods and precautions'

Wear a diving mirror water spray a little before the mirror, wearing a mirror when the mask can not be pressed to the hair, can not be pressed to the nose, forced suction diving mirror will not fall to lock the headband, the headband adjusted to comfortable status.

Note: Do not wear diving mirror diving, can not breathe with the nose, the water depth of more than 2 meters, the use of diving mirror under the guidance of professionals in the use of this product.

'Maintenance Notes'

Rinse with water after each use, place the shade to dry naturally.

After using this product in seawater, soak for several minutes with warm water, in order to prevent corrosive salt scale generated.

Do not expose to sunlight.

Do not wipe the mirror with your hands and cloth to prevent scratches.

Do not soak for a long time with the bathing suit.

Do not put anything on the mask and crush the mask and hang it up.