Snorkeling Sambo plain myopia anti-fog goggles | all dry breathing tube suit | snorkeling equipment diving mask

Snorkeling Sambo plain myopia anti-fog goggles | all dry breathing tube suit | snorkeling equipment diving mask

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Love by Babei
  • Product Number: mj01
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 280
  • Color Classification: + mirror breathing tube (black knight) + mirror breathing tube (crystal powder) + mirror breathing tube (lemon yellow) + mirror breathing tube (sapphire blue) separately breathing tube (please specify colors) dive alone mirror (please specify colors) long flippers (specify color shoe size)
  • Time to market: Spring 2015

Snorkeling Sambo role: 1, all dry breathing tube so that when you face buried in the underwater snorkeling can breathe the air, from snorkeling you will understand English Snorkeling breathing tube snorkeling in an important position; 2, diving mask makes you easy to observe underwater scenery, nose cover in the mirror also - to avoid the pressure caused by irrigation of the nose dive when possible, at the same time easy to do mouth and nose dive when the pressure balance protection of the eardrum (this swimming goggles can not be replaced, so the mirror can not swim for diving). 3, flippers impetus can make you more effort to reach their destinations, a strong increase buoyancy also allows you to easily head out of the water (even if the breathing tube out also facilitate breathing air). floating Sambo provide latent snorkellers considerable security for snorkeling activities are an integral part.

Glass diving mask:

Style: Design diversify two-way mirror
Material: mask, headgear for advanced silicone frame PC, explosion-proof safety glass lens
Characteristics: The large field of vision, low capacity, easy drainage design, workmanship food grade silicone healthy non-toxic, anti-seawater corrosion, no allergies.
Color: See in particular above, map
Size: Adult Size
Packaging: double blister packaging

All dry breathing tube:

Style: Full Dry anti-wave and taken off the drain valve design
Material: mouthpiece, bellows for advanced silicone, PVC pipe body
Features: tube buckle can quickly be adjusted to facilitate the unloading of the same mirror; senior silicone material, non-toxic, anti-seawater corrosion, no allergies, good flexibility; all dry type having a plurality of national and regional patent breakwater discharge head and the lower drain valve designed to help users (whether novices or Confirmed) reduce Cangshuipu, breathe easy, comfortable to use, extend the dive time.
Color: See in particular the above physical map
Size: Adult Size

Packaging: Double blister packaging

[Wear and Precautions]

Wearing a diving mask before coating spray a little water in the lens, mirror while wearing the mask is not down to the hair, not down to the nose, sniff goggles will not fall before locking headband will be adjusted to the most comfortable headband status.

Note: When you can not wear a diving mask diving, can not breathe through your nose, depth of over 2 meters, using a diving mask need to use this product under professional guidance.

Guidebooks []

Rinse with water after each use, place the shade to dry naturally.

After using this product in seawater, the best use warm water for a few minutes, to prevent corrosive salt scale production.

Do not sun exposure.

Keep hands and wipe the mirror cloth directly to avoid scratches.

Do not soak a long time together and swimwear.

Do not have anything to crush the mask and the mask, the best place to hang up.