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Tsai Chin | Tsai Chin Classic | II | New LP vinyl phonograph dedicated ciphertext

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Vinyl records, has a centuries-old art treasure,

Recorded music for nearly a century elegance

Until the advent of cassette eighties, nineties CD capture the market,

In recent years, a wave of invincible to MP3, vinyl gradually withdraw from the mainstream music consumer market

However, it never really disappeared sense on the ground.

Perhaps because vinyl suitable for nostalgia,

I miss the good old days and old record player on a lengthy rotation

Perhaps because vinyl suitable for listening,

Music in the Digital Age is less than the total of its warm, rich mellow reverberation

Perhaps all this I do not know more about the music relates nostalgia,

Vinyl records but also about the attitude behind the highlight

Version ceremony broadcast program, practical touch,

Cover design vision and the unique flavor comes along years

The vinyl records carefully extracted from the envelope you,

Watching the needle with the ups and downs of the record Engraving

Listening to vinyl records can be an attitude to life,

Slow, delicate, elegant aesthetics listening

We would like to carefully pick out the vinyl version name engraved Collection,

To reverberate in your ears, light up your life


After it is released 32 solo albums, launched in 2001, Tsai UNPLUGGED concert debut album. This disc completely follow the 'oldies' existing success of this route away. Classic album' dissipation under downtown after the fall for eternity 'to appeal to the way jazz era of Shanghai Zhou Xuan old, white, Rainbow Leung Wu Yingying, who do a fresh adaptation of the classic song, Tsai Chin also very nostalgic song, melted bone charm charming , performance thoroughly. Unlike other pop album, this 'unplugged' is (gold film) for the pursuit of absolute jazz improvisation scene of live feeling, not based on 'first recorded accompaniment, adding voice' of multi-track production of synthetic way, but take singers and musicians perform synchronization in the studio, recording of a form included.

In fact, Tsai this set (gold film) was selected in particular to Hong Kong for recording, because there is a lot of years gathered from around the world 'lo' musicians. After a short discussion and take a practice, they Tsai and the formation of a considerable understanding, extremely wonderful songs to the Shanghai of the 1930s gives jazz, BOSSA NOVA and other diverse Latin genre. this album mastering studio in Hong Kong AVON included in 24BIT digitally added after HDCD encoding, mastering the United States sent the famous OCEAN VIEW DIGITAL mASTERING do processing, and finally pressed into 24K gold-plated record, entirely based recording treat fever.

It is particularly worth mentioning is that the record company got more to worry about AKG C-12VR vacuum tube microphone, a separate capture moving magnetic Tsai Tsai enthusiasts in the familiar voice heard (gold film) after, will agree: On the sound, which is Tsai By far the most of all recordings! Tsai euphemism has caused the voice is no longer as before (Tsai Chin Old Song) just as in a thick, rich, low in transparency and has a special physical sense. complete 'unplugged' is instrumental accompaniment, knot like very cohesion efforts severity full, clear three-dimensional texture, plucked and percussion, sound changes are extremely delicate to capture down.

(Track description)


01 今宵多珍重

02 Unforgettable Memories

03 Green Island Serenade

04 I have a feeling

05 Soul Ying dream

06 moon send Acacia Trinidad

07 Moonlight Suite


01 Red Rose

02 last night you told me smile

03 deep courtyard

04 Love me again

05 moon send Acacia Trinidad

06 Valentine Mountain

07 your eyes

08 Valentine's tears

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