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2016 new sunglasses polarized mirror clip men and women ultra-light sunglasses driving fishing myopic glasses clip mirror

2016 new sunglasses polarized mirror clip men and women ultra-light sunglasses driving fishing myopic glasses clip mirror
Product code: 9423100030
Unit price 5.27-9.58$
Sold quantity 26670
Available stock 65358

Product parameters:

  • Color Classification: dark green daily (large 130 * 43) dark green daily (large 132 * 37) black green daily (medium 128 * 36) dark green daily (small 125 * 31) (Small 128 * 36) yellow day with the (small 125 * 31) yellow night with (large 132 * 37) yellow night with (in 128 * 36) Large 132 * 37) day and night should be (in the 128 * 36) day and night should be (small 125 * 31)
  • Style: elegant avant-garde simple
  • Brand: REIMAH / Remy
  • Model: Leimai small hanging folder
  • price range: below 100 yuan
  • Lens material: resin
  • Applicable Gender: General
  • Function: UVA protection against UVB polarization
  • Glasses Accessory Type: Mirror lens case


  • Dark green daily (extra large 130 * 43)
  • Dark green daily (large 132 * 37)
  • Dark green daily (in 128 * 36)
  • Dark green daily (small 125 * 31)
  • Black and gray daily use (large 132 * 37)
  • Black and gray daily use (in 128 * 36)
  • Black and gray daily (small 125 * 31)
  • Yellow Night with (large 132 * 37)
  • Yellow Night with (in 128 * 36)
  • Yellow Night with (small 125 * 31
  • Day and night should be (large 132 * 36)
  • Day and night must (in 128 * 36)
  • Day and night should be (small 125 * 31

Note: Due to manual measurement error is 1-3mm range

First, the characteristics of the lens
Polarized sunglasses using high-tech products TAC enhanced, plus hard polarized lenses. The lens consists of eleven layers of material. The first layer of polarized light is the core of polarized lenses, providing more than 99% of the polarizing effect, effectively absorb the vertical transmission The reflective glare of the shaft makes the lens particularly suitable for fishing, driving, sailing, hunting, skiing, sports and so on. The second and third layers are adhesive layers, which can effectively resist cutting, baking, It can be exposed to the harsh environment; the fourth and fifth layer for the UV absorption layer, so that the polarizer can effectively absorb the UVA (315-380mm) and UVB (280-315mm); sixth, seventh layer is the impact resistance layer , To provide good toughness, impact resistance; eighth, nine layer is a polarized color layer, providing good protection to reduce light transmittance; tenth, eleventh layer is super hard and hard layer, effectively prevent the lens surface scratches!

Second, polarized sunglasses features and uses
O Strengthened polarized lenses with TAC.
Ο Lens is specially hardened, the effective degree of wear resistance, scratch resistance, impact resistance.
O Blocks bright light, eliminates harmful UV rays, protects your glasses and eyesight.
O Eliminate reflected light and scattered light, making your vision clearer and more supple.
O Uses: In addition to the general sunglasses decorative protection, especially for driving, fishing, skiing, outdoor travel and other outdoor leisure activities.

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