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Wigs and hair extensions | Wigs and hair extensions | Wigs and hair extensions

Wigs and hair extensions | Wigs and hair extensions | Wigs and hair extensions
Product code: 9422300030
Unit price 10.08-20.32$
Sold quantity 1921
Available stock 587512

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: excellent odd ZFFP01
  • Brand: excellent odd
  • Single product: ZFFP01
  • 60-65cm stealth real hair piece - (dye) light brown 50-54cm stealth real hair piece - (dye) dark brown 40-43cm stealth real hair piece - natural black 60 -65cm Stealth Real Hairpiece-Natural Black 50-54cm Stealth Real Hairpiece-Natural Black 40-43cm Stealth Real Hairpiece- (Dyed) Light Brown 60-65cm Stealth Real Hairpiece- (Dyed) Dark Brown 50-54cm Stealth True Hair dye - (stained) light brown 40-43cm stealth real hair piece - (dye) dark brown linen color gold / yellow wine red army green light yellow chocolate color deep khaki color blue transparent violet
  • Hair material: real hair

A lot of pro-ask why we do not sell real hair hair piece is because I did not find a particularly good hair compared to the kind of real hair did not dare to sell!

Recently, finally Biechu point real hair piece, the spot color is only natural black. Pro if they like other colors, can let us help you dye, or you can buy your own back to dye!

PS: We stain only common dark brown and light brown! If the relative color of the hair is relatively rare, it is recommended to buy back their own pro-dye Oh!

Color template

The following color plate is in the case of outdoor light is better shot, if it is indoors or at night to see the color will be darker some pro!


Special Note : Baby price is a price! If the pro is short hair to take long hair, it is best to buy six pieces of hair is enough. If the parent itself is long hair to increase hair volume, it is recommended to buy 2-4 pieces!

On the length of the note

  • About the length: height of 160cm wearing a crush 40 cm models To the chest on some. Wearing 50 cm to wear under the chest look like! Later we will increase the length of 60 cm! Width uniform 10 cm wide! Parents have questions you can contact our customer service to help you solve!

  • On the purchase of the number: their long hair, and want to increase the thickness of the hair under the proposal to buy 3, the mat to increase the thickness of its own hair is short hair would like to take a long, it is recommended to buy 4-6 films, their hair is relatively thick to buy More points!

  • On the returned; restaurant has been promised 7 days no reason to package returned after receipt of the goods within 7 days can be returned! But the pruning hot dye baking oil and other secondary sales do not support returned service!

  • On the color: At this stage on a natural black, our own hair did not dye the basic color of the natural black, not black, slightly darker than the black a little bit! Really a little bit!

The new models, models and details of the plans are making! Parents take a look at our own physical map it!

The following physical map shows are 40 cm and we will refuel the other specifications of the other pictures are also shot out Oh, pro do not worry!

Disclaimer: We all sales description screenshots and all kinds of price display screenshots are collected in the data Rubik's cube 2014. 2.4 to 2016.1 days of data.There are real data support.