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TOYO Toyo paint brush SA101 makeup pen | sign pen | white paint pen pen tire pen

TOYO Toyo paint brush SA101 makeup pen | sign pen | white paint pen pen tire pen
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: TOYO / TOYO SA101 SA101
  • Brand: TOYO / Toyo
  • Model: SA101
  • Refills Color: White Black Pink Red Orange Light Green Purple Gold Silver Blue Yellow
  • Count: single
  • Item No .: SA101


Product Name: Toyo paint pen

Model: SA-101

Original authentic! Do not take our products and one or two yuan fake relative!

Each pen can be a one-time completion of the 200-meter straight line painting and writing; as buyers of the application of tire size, painting and writing different sizes, the number of different words, so can not determine a pen can draw a few tires Including the use of some errors in the process may result in waste) from the need to estimate the number of pen, thank you!

Instructions for use:
1, before use to shake the pen several times, and press down the pen several times vertically until the pen paint can be used to seep

2, the best use of vertical.
5, use immediately after the cover pen

Specifications: written roughly 2.2 ~ 2.8mm, capacity of about 8ml
Color: White Blue Red Silver Gold Yellow Black Green Orange Purple

Packing: 12 pieces / box 144 pieces / piece

Pricing unit: 1

Applications: can be written on the surface: metal, glass, wood, stone, plastic, paper, etc., can be written on the tire tire is white (on the tire is best to clean the tire to write some, Of the writing for the tire on the original mark, if other templates can also be imitated imitation!

On the use of results:
How long can the painting last? Typically, it will last for more than three months, but the paint is attached to the surface of the tire by painting, not with the chemical reaction of the tire (if this is more lasting, but Tire damage); so attached to the paint screen and the owner of the car's poor environment, painting before the clean is done well, car washing methods and the number of times and the tire itself is a long-term pressure in the standard air pressure and other factors!