Toyo TOYO paint pen SA101 up painting | sign pen | white paint pen tire marker pen

Toyo TOYO paint pen SA101 up painting | sign pen | white paint pen tire marker pen

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: TOYO / Toyo SA101 SA101
  • Brand: TOYO / Toyo
  • Model: SA101
  • Refill color: black white pink red orange yellow blue light green Zijin silver
  • Count: Single
  • Product Number: SA101


Name: Toyo paint pen

Model: SA-101

Original authentic! Do not take our products and a fake compared two dollars!

Each pen can complete 200 meters straight draw write; the sizes of all buyers use tires, painted write font sizes, varying the number of words, it is not possible to determine a pen can draw a few tires ( number includes the use of some of the waste may have caused errors) estimated from the line pen, thank you!

Instructions for use:
1. Shake the pen several times before use, and written several times pressed vertically downward until oozing paints can be used within the pen

2, the vertical works best.
5. Please cover the pen cap immediately after use

Specifications: written rough about 2.2 ~ 2.8mm, capacity of about 8ml
Color: Red White Blue Yellow Black Silver Gold Green Orange Purple

Packing: 12 / box 144 / Article

Denominated in units: 1

Applications: can be written on the surface: metal, glass, wood, stone, plastic, paper, etc., can be writing on a tire described as white (when used in the tire to tire a good idea to clean the writing portion, the applied general writing more for the original tire identification mark, if any other school writing templates can also imitate!

About effect:
Paint can be used how long? In general more than three months to maintain a considerable effect, but painted by the tire surface paint adhesion is achieved, the tire is not a chemical reaction (if so will be more durable, but tires injury); cleaning the severity paint the picture so attached to my car with the owners of the environment, whether well before painting, car washing methods and frequency of air pressure and the tire itself whether the long-term standard pressure and other factors!