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Emma Real Hair Wig | Women | Medium | Real Hair Waist Wig | Natural Faux Wig

Emma Real Hair Wig | Women | Medium | Real Hair Waist Wig | Natural Faux Wig
Product code: 9311700030
Unit price 95.65-268.69$
Sold quantity 260
Available stock 11

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Emmor / Amore ESZ206
  • Brand: Emmor / Amore
  • Wig single product: ESZ206
  • Color classification: black brown 'mechanism really hair' deep maroon 'mechanism really hair' black brown 'pure hand crochet'
  • Applicable to: fashion female
  • Hair material: real hair
  • Wigs Liuhai classification: Qi can be rampant bangs
  • Fake hair type: BOBO head
  • Style: sweet and cute
  • Efficacy: all hand-woven breathable antibacterial repair face
  • Cosmetic features: Bobo head wig modified face

Baby information INTRUCTION
Brand: Love moore
Item: ESZ206 / EB003
Colour :

Flax (main color)

Material: 65% live hair + 35% memory hair

Mechanism hair: closed antibacterial network

Hand made hair: pure hand hook woven mesh

Style: Wave head
Counter price:

Mechanism: 3998 yuan hand-woven: 7998 yuan

Note: Due to the display, the shooting effect of different or have a little error, can not accept the small error pro-please carefully shot.
unique design INTRUCTION
Hand-woven real hair in accordance with the direction of the human body hair grows a root hook made, you can freely sub-seam, hair can dance with the wind, realistic and natural. Simulation of the net is more intuitive, single hair hook hair looks like Is a root of growth, high simulation to meet the needs of a variety of high-end buyers, you can completely forget to wear a wig

Design Elements:

Stylish temperament oblique bangs, charming and moving BObo head, skin-friendly comfortable sideburns, youthful vibrant colors

Straight hair curls BOBO Pear
Large volume Volumes Micro-roll Straight hair
Longer In the long Moderate short