Huawei B3 Smart bracelet | sports pedometer waterproof watch | Bluetooth headsets | Android Apple P9 plus

Huawei B3 Smart bracelet | sports pedometer waterproof watch | Bluetooth headsets | Android Apple P9 plus

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Compatible Platform: ANDROID iOS
  • Features: Smart heart rate monitor sleep monitoring Bluetooth phone reminder pedometer waterproof
  • Brand: Huawei / Huawei
  • Name: B3
  • Color Classification: Sport - Sports & white fashion models - titanium gray sporty - the vibe black business models - Business section mocha brown - light brown sand
  • Applicable: android platform Apple iOS platform
  • Wireless distance: 10m and above

● Connect your phone: The first time you use the wristbands, you need to download the mobile phone Huawei wearable app, connect wristbands and mobile phones to synchronize data viewing time, while B3 does not support simultaneous connection to two phones at the same time connect two phones will lead to increased mobile phone power consumption, by B2 big data analysis found that the use of this feature the user less, so cancel this function on the B3.

answer the phone: When a call button while holding hands on both sides of the ring, remove the Bluetooth headset to answer the phone automatically after it.

hang up the phone: End the call by clicking on the button in the middle of the side of the headset directly to hang up the phone.

dial number: B3 bracelet added micro phonebook function, the contact list is to Huawei bracelet worn APP favorite contacts synchronized hand ring, and you can call the contact directly on wristbands headphones, just slide the screen to find the link bracelet after the person can automatically dial telephone headset strap when not click on the contact name to make a call.

Multi-party call: When you go through when you receive other people's calls, the headset can be continuously press 2, the side buttons, so you can hold the current call and answer the new to once again push down the side button for 2 is switched call (Quick note continuous Double-click directly to hang up the current call to answer a new call), the other side is a long press the headset button to reject the new call, hold call

Adjust the volume: If the answer is no volume to maximum, you can slide up and down the screen during a call to adjust the volume when wristband synchronous operation will display the volume adjustment screen on mobile devices.

Gesture control: Many operating bracelet can be completed through gestures, lift wrist bright screen, varus bright screen, palming cut screen, off screen off the wrist

Replacing the strap: Fixed spring fluctuations stretching the buckle on the strap, then lift up one side of the strap can be removed, do not pay attention to the end of the first snap alignment in place when installed, and then place the same fluctuations in the buckle on the strap in place, Kata hear loud strap that is in place at this time.

Adjust the strap length: The material is divided into two TPU wristband wristbands and leather strap, wrist circumference according to their condition, press button design is also very convenient, such a contrast to the previous design of the product, wear it is also more practical and efficient.

Bracelet Charging Specifications: Bracelet factory is no charger, only one USB charging cable, hand ring support charger voltage and current 5V 0.5A, 5V 1A, 5V 1.5A, 5V 2 A standard charger

● Remote camera features: When you turn on your phone camera, press the side buttons bracelet 3s to remote camera.

● micro phone book functions: Bracelet and mobile phone connection open after Huawei Garments APP, synchronize up to five important link in the application settings interface micro phonebook hand ring, the bracelet so you can directly touch screen calls directly, eliminating the need of pulling out the phone tedious steps!

Bluetooth disconnected reminder: Huawei wearable application settings, this is the second feature, turn on the bracelet and flip phones, tablet and other devices will sound a reminder. Bracelet system also supports OTA upgrade, Huawei can click directly worn APP upgrade the system. bracelet end may also view the system version is good, always keep the latest version.

Get phone features: This feature wristband end direct operation, slide the screen to find the bracelet 'Search' icon and click on the phone to find the phone will ring, Huawei Garments connection can use this function after it

● Smart unlock function: EMUI system supports intelligent device binding bracelet after unlocking steps: Click System Settings - lock screen and password - smart phone password to unlock the first set, then turn on this feature to connect bracelet, hand ring when near the phone without a password You can unlock the phone directly into the desktop. (its only support after system Android5.0 / EMUI3.1 Huawei cell phone)

Weather Push: This feature requires Huawei Garments APP custom settings turn, the need to connect Huawei worn after the phone side APP settings check Open (weather push) function can be used. Attention must be worn open Huawei app to read the phone's location permission, otherwise it will affect the push functionality, the system supports Huawei EMUI weather alerts and other information push ring hand side.

Sedentary reminder: Also in Huawei wearable application settings, this is the first feature

● Alarm setting function: Bracelet comes with alarm by vibrating alert, if you are a particularly nasty wake up in the morning is ringing, the alarm clock bracelet decision is your best choice. Alarm settings Huawei worn relatively strong, this is Huawei's usual style, full support for custom alarm settings and time periods set week, things remind alarm clock and Jacuzzis.

Do not disturb function: Huawei Garments can be set to open Do not disturb, opening and closing, and can customize the alarm function as if you're in a time period setting

Movable transport track Track: Huawei B3 bracelet through the fuselage integrated sensors that can automatically sense walking, running, climbing, sleep four states, while B3 bracelet can also be worn in use with mobile and Huawei case of APP, easily record your trajectory, a comprehensive grasp motion condition.

Siesta monitoring functions: It can automatically monitor the status of a nap

● sleep monitoring functions: By Huawei Garments APP you can fully understand their sleep, will record the history of the interpretation of data, can be viewed in the application. When you wear the bracelet Huawei B3 sleep, it can automatically recognize your sleep, recording and statistics in the number of sleep to wake up, but can also monitor deep sleep and light sleep state, complete control of the quality of sleep.

Features introduced: Cell phone mute function Huawei EMUI4.1 system, inconvenient to answer the phone just tap the screen or click the bracelet bracelet side buttons, you can mute the phone, which is currently being only two new features Huawei EMUI4 .1 phone support system (P9 series of mobile phone users to enjoy the feature)