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Phone Bluetooth FM transmitter AUX wireless music Transceiver | Audio FM repeater

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Product parameters:

  • Wireless video transmission equipment brands: Golden Age Changying
  • Model: S1488
  • Color Classification: 2016 standard AUX + AUX with Blue Ribbon Edition 2016
  • Accessories Type: Wireless Music Transmitter
  • Wireless transmission equipment Model: S1488

1, Music player: can play WMA, MP3, a variety of audio formats of music

2, extrapolation memory: Capacity 1GB / 2G / 4G / 8G / 16G / optional (external memory card expandable to 1G-32G)

3, extended functions: support U disk playback, support for playback reader

4, FM Transmitter: Built-in FM stereo wireless audio transmitter, transmitting frequency range: 87.5MHZ ~ 108.0MHZ, a total of 206 frequency points

5, AutoPlay feature: automatically turn off after playing the last song after MP3 player into the car's cigarette lighter interface powered

6, 7 EQ modes: natural, rock, pop, classical, jazz, soft, heavy bass

7, 6 play modes: single player single cycle directory broadcast, catalog circulation, the order of play, random play

8, support for eight kinds of mainstream languages: displays Simplified Chinese, English, Spanish language, Italian, French, German, Russian, etc.

9, power and memory: memory when power can play a song / frequency / volume / sound / language / playback mode (click the Pause after power and memory available to play songs that first, and then the next start playing from that song )

10, the new 20-key infrared remote control the whole operation: Folder Select play / pause song playback digital selections / frequency selection / volume size adjustment / sound mode select / playback mode selection

11, car charger features: USB interface role MP3 / MP4 / MP5 / smart phone / PSP / other handheld portable devices charging and power supply support while listening to music while charging function

12, noise interference security: the host and the cigarette lighter one-piece construction, the need to avoid split of noise and interference noise caused by poor contact, effectively guaranteeing high-quality sound '

13, sound security: the use of modern audio decoder chip motherboard supports 320kbs, MP3 music player, 128kbs quality music player, the sound quality to the force

14 Folder playback: Support folder kept classified songs (such as the new Phoenix legend in folders of his songs), playback switch folders, very convenient.

15, 12V-24V wide voltage design: for cars, SUVs, commercial vehicles, station wagons, and most cars use (excavators, trucks not recommended)!