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SANTAK UPS uninterruptible power supply C1KS extended 30 minutes 1KVA 800W regulator 17AH

SANTAK UPS uninterruptible power supply C1KS extended 30 minutes 1KVA 800W regulator 17AH
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Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: SANTAK / Hills
  • Model: C1KS

Product Name: SANTAK On-line UPS uninterruptible power supply 1KVA 800W delay half hour C1KS battery 17AH 3

With monitoring software interface, online monitoring voltage, current, capacity, you can shut down the server and computer power outages (need to reprovision a R232 line)

Configuration list: 1, UPS host SANTAK C1KS a Taiwan, 2, 17AH battery (Luo Jun) 3, 3, 3 only 17AH battery pack battery box 1

Scope: This configuration applies to 800W power the following equipment to use more than 1 hour, including ordinary computer servers, game consoles, office hosts, personal computers, televisions, audio, notebooks, monitors, routers, switches, etc.

Installation size: 17AH 3 only installed battery box land 458mm * 200mm * 310Mm, UPS host can be placed in the battery box to save space

Warranty service: host warranty for three years, the battery warranty for one year, the Genius, can also be guaranteed by the Mall

Logistics and transport: As the goods heavier, the general choice of logistics shipping delivery, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui can be made express, damaged during transport, damaged by the mall bear!

The C1-3kVA UPS is the most widely sold and best-selling online C1-3kVA UPS in China. With 30 years of experience and leading digital control technology in China, we are able to solve 9 kinds of power problems (mains power failure, voltage Sinking, surge, undervoltage, overvoltage, electronic interference, frequency fluctuations, transient, harmonic distortion, and other), to further improve product adaptability and reliability for the user equipment and UPS itself foolproof Protection.

Product performance:

1. The most extensive inventory, safe and reliable

* The best-selling, most-stocked on-line UPS in the market with 30 years of experience, perfect match with China's power environment

* Ultra-wide input voltage frequency range, to adapt to the most demanding power environment
* Sophisticated digital control technology, strong power semiconductor devices, triple protection of hardware and software, more secure and reliable

2. Green power design, energy saving and environmental protection

* Output power of up to 0.9, to provide more energy
* High efficiency electrical design, online mode, up to 90% efficiency, saving operating costs and reduce more emissions
* Green, in line with the requirements of the EU environmental directives

3. Intelligent human design, flexible and easy to expand

* Easy to configure the battery to meet the different discharge time requirements
* Intelligent real-time battery monitoring, battery status in control
* A variety of options, flexibility to adapt to different needs, whether it is high-altitude areas of poor environment

4. Castle C1-3kVA widely used in various regions of the country

Poor quality of the remote mountainous areas of high quality, high heat of the southeast coast, or the power supply of large and medium cities
C1-3kVA can give your load to provide safe and reliable protection