FB send battery charger NP-FW50 Sony Micro single NEX-5T R A7R camera a5100a6300a6000

FB send battery charger NP-FW50 Sony Micro single NEX-5T R A7R camera a5100a6300a6000

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: FB / Feng standard FB-FW50
  • Brand: FB / Feng Standard
  • Model: FB-FW50
  • Battery capacity: 1080mAh
  • For brand: Sony / Sony
  • Whether the original: Brand compatible battery

This was photographed send direct charge charger, direct charge charger comes standard with only charging cable, so you need to purchase another plug, FW50 single electricity price of $ 45, you need to buy batteries and more pro click on the link below to buy.

fb Feng standard battery of non-OEM [name small workshop a few dollars], [for your camera and battery safety, please carefully consider the quality assurance] Circuit City brand manufacturers being fifteen years of experience in the production of battery products partial cloth more than 50 countries around the world 2 year warranty direct human factors renewed trust good product.

Battery type: Lithium Battery; Battery Type: FB-FW50

Battery Voltage: 7.2V

Battery capacity: 1080mAh latest batch []

Charger Input voltage: 100-240V 50 / 60Hz 100mA Max;

Charger output voltage: 8.4V

Applicable battery: NP-FW50

Feng standard FW50 lithium battery for the following models:

SONY Sony: A7s, A7r, A7, a6000 (ILCE6000), a5100 (ILCE5100) a5000 (ILCE5000),

NEX5T, NEX5R, NEX-7, NEX6, a3000 (ILCE3000), NEX-5N, NEX5C, NEX3N, NEX-F3, NEX-C3,

NEX3CV, a33, a35, a37, a55, etc. (Note: RX10 unsuitable).

【Instructions for use】

Battery during use, first full run → → full, so that the battery has a protective effect!

When the three previous use, the battery charge long enough to fully activate the battery!

Use Feng standard charger or original charger, the better!

As long battery when not in use, it is recommended to protect the battery, the battery of six months once a sufficient amount of activation charging. Remove and left to dry separately from the camera, take good care of every shade.