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Steam recharge card | 100 dollars H1Z1 | can be national service | steam recharge card large face value | 100 US knife

Steam recharge card | 100 dollars H1Z1 | can be national service | steam recharge card large face value | 100 US knife
Product code: 9170600030
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Product parameters:

  • Applicable to: other / other
  • Game Series: Steam 100USD
  • Software form: Lite version
  • Game Type: Other / other
  • Language Category: English

Card can only recharge the steam platform !!! can not be used for other purposes !!! Please do not give the card to any person, any third party in the QQ asked you to buy or ask for the card of the people are dead family cheat! The

This item is a $ 100 for the STEAM platform account

Renminbi and other non-dollar accounts are converted in real time according to the exchange rate

Mobile version of the link can not open contact customer service request

100US dollars recharge to account for about 668 or so purse recharge code (Point I buy)

1. Download the STEAM platform first:

2. Open the steam platform to enter the account password
3. Click on the game options, choose to exchange the purse purse code

STEAM client recharge: the upper left corner, the game - exchange Steam wallet recharge code - copy card charge can be!

Steam browser recharge: the upper right corner, account details - for your Steam wallet recharge - see the right to exchange Steam wallet recharge code!

'Product Description'
This product is Steam platform US dollars recharge cards, a total of six different face value recharge cards, universal, rechargeable to STEAM account for the purchase of any game, such as GTA5, CSGO, DOTA2 and other hottest games. ), The buyer photographed after their own recharge, non-black card charge, no need to provide account password.
'common problem'
- due to network problems, recharge prompts 'an accident error, can not be redeemed.' Please fill all the games before the charge, try again after 30 minutes.
- Because the Steam wallet is a subregion, you can only buy the steam game in your area where your wallet is located. If your wallet is registered in China, Steam can only buy Chinese regional store games.
- If your wallet is non-US gold settlement area, but also through the prepaid card recharge, recharge will be automatically converted according to the current exchange rate.
- not open steam market friends recharge can not immediately after the game to buy game equipment, skin and other props. Need to wait 30 days to use the market function.
'Aftermarket instructions'
- Because of the particularity of the virtual product, the prepaid card will not be returned, the shop does not provide physical card or receipt, only for the use of rights.
- rarely appear recharge code can not be exchanged, please contact the treasurer to check processing.
- If the wallet is registered at different places caused by the value of the wallet can not be used after the shop is not responsible, please confirm the wallet before buying the country area.