Steam recharge card | 100 US dollars dota | can dress | steam prepaid card face value | 100 US knife

Steam recharge card | 100 US dollars dota | can dress | steam prepaid card face value | 100 US knife

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Suitable for: other / other
  • Game series: Steam 100USD
  • Software: Simplified version
  • Game type: Other
  • Language Category: English

This product is STEAM platform account recharge code 100 dollars

RMB and other non-US dollar accounts according to real-time exchange rate conversion

Phone link can not open contact customer service request

100US dollars account is about equal to about 668 recharge recharge code (Point I buy)

1. First download the STEAM platform:

Http: // storesteampoweredcom /
2. Open steam platform to enter account password
3. Point to open the game options, select convert steam purse recharge code

STEAM client recharge: the upper left corner, the game - exchange Steam purse recharge code - copy the card recharge can be!

Steam browser recharge: the upper right corner, the account details - for your Steam purse recharge - see the right to exchange Steam purse recharge code!

'Product Description'
This product is the Steam platform US recharge card, a total of six different face value prepaid card, universal, rechargeable to the STEAM account for the purchase of any game, such as GTA5, CSGO, DOTA2 the most popular game card card (prepaid card ), Buyers photographed after their own recharge, non-black card on behalf of the charge, no need to provide account password.
'common problem'
- Due to a network problem, the system prompts 'An unexpected error has occurred and can not be redeemed.' Please close all games before recharging and try again in 30 minutes.
- Steam wallet is a sub-regional, can only buy their own wallet area where the steam game, if your wallet is registered in China, only Steam to buy China's regional store of the game.
- If your wallet is non-US Billing, can also recharge through our recharge card, recharge will automatically convert according to the current exchange rate.
- Friends who have not opened steam market can not purchase game equipment, skin and other props in the market immediately after they have been recharged.It takes 30 days to use the market function.
'Aftermarket Description'
- Because of the special nature of virtual products, prepaid card will not be sold as a return, the restaurant does not provide physical cards or receipts, only for the rights to use.
- very few cases, recharge code can not be redeemed, please contact the treasurer check processing.
- If the purse of the registered place to create a different purse can not be used after the recharge is not responsible for, please confirm the country before buying the wallet area.