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Oppor9 mobile phone shell female models r9plus protective cover rose gold 0pp0 lanyard soft diamond r9 tide luxury Korea

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Product parameters:

  • Protection of the texture: silica gel
  • Style: protective shell
  • Color Classification: r9-Rose Gold Peacock r9-Rose Gold Peacock + Lanyard r9-Tu Hao peacock Phnom Penh r9-Tu Haojin peacock + lanyard r9 rose gold pink flower r9-rose gold pink + stent + lanyard r9 Tu Hao Gold Flower r9- Ruffle + Rope + Rope + Rope R9plus-Rose Gold Peacock r9plus-Rose Gold Peacock + Lanyard r9plus-Tu Hao Phnom Penh Peacock r9plus-Tu Hao Peacock + Lanyard R9plus-Tu Haojin Love + Lanyard R9plus-Rose Gold Love + Hang Rope r9plus rose gold powder flower r9plus Tu Hao gold powder flower r9plus-Tu Hao Phnom Penh pink flower + bracket + lanyard r9plus-Rose gold edge pink flower + stent + lanyard
  • Style: Luxury
  • For mobile phone models: OPPO
  • OPPO Model: r9 / r9plus
  • Brand: withideas
  • Model: oppor9 edge drill