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10.8 yuan 'with temperature chip' SK fever paste fever fever paste baby paste cooling baby temperature

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Product parameters:

  • Origin: Changzhou
  • Cold and heat equipment categories: cold
  • Medical Devices Product Name: fever paste
  • Brand: SK
  • Model: SK-A-II child type
  • Value - added services: 包邮
  • Implementation of the standard number: YZB / Su (often) 0272-2013
  • Registration number: Su often food and drug monitoring equipment (quasi) word 2013 No. 1580275
  • Production enterprises: Changzhou City Shu Kang Health Products Co., Ltd.
  • Diseases: Fever and fever
  • Symptoms: fever
  • Applicable people: not limited
  • Color: 1 box (each box of temperature measurement chip) Duration: 17 years in February 3 box ((each box of pocket temperature measurement chip) Duration: 17 years in February) only 10.8 yuan / box

'Retirement paste' Product Validity: March 2017! Each box contains a temperature measurement chip ~