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Coyote Green Arrow GH400 desktop computer cpu radiator 4 heat pipe cpu fan ultra-quiet 1150 1155

Coyote Green Arrow GH400 desktop computer cpu radiator 4 heat pipe cpu fan ultra-quiet 1150 1155
Product code: 9053300030
Unit price 10.56-12.16$
Sold quantity 13715
Available stock 7359

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Aardwolf / Tigers Green Arrow GH400
  • Brand: Aardwolf / Coyote
  • Model: Green arrow GH400
  • Color classification: green arrow GH400 'single fan' green arrow GH400 'single fan' + ATG-08 thermal paste green arrow GH400 'single fan' + ATG-06 thermal paste
  • Applicable to: multi-platform
  • Radiator Type: Fan
  • Condition: New
  • After - sales service: Genius
  • Gross weight: 407g
  • Packing volume: 103 (L) X75 (W) X132 (H) mm

Note: 1366 platform contact customer service another configuration base

Factories and brands:

Aardwolf (coyote) well-known radiator manufacturing plant's own brand,

Factories for the Sino-Korean joint venture, with superb workmanship and impeccable details of the production process, won the such as: owl, cool cool up (coolermaster) and other brands of foundry;

South Korea listed company Si Min Zamman (ZALMAN) radiator designated factory;

'Flower-shaped fins' compression patent program providers, the company has 17 automatic production lines, fans, fins, buckles, and so all for their own production;

Professional graphics 'GALAXY' all graphics fans, 'Colorful' graphics card part of the high-end graphics fans are manufactured by the factory foundry;

Mirror polishing technology, ABS raw fan (ultra-quiet + long life);

Quality, workmanship, materials and export versions;

Has an exclusive patent 1077 sets;

Cooling idea: the same size is more enjoyable heat dissipation!

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