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European creative resin switch stickers wall stickers Korea creative home decorations wall socket decorative stickers switch sets

Product code: -9010100030
Unit price 0.9-1.25$
Sold quantity 65240
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Zi Xuan Square
  • Item: kgt01
  • Color classification: 13 09 12 11 18 23 06 01 20 15 chef bear 501 Sun Wukong 05 17 color mermaid snowman 16 10 07 02 piano cat angel powder sail boat swan lotus gold
  • Style: pastoral
  • Pattern: plant flowers
  • Number of pieces: 1
  • Pricing unit: Zhang

★ buy five get one, buy five and above, a random gift, not specified

★ standard 86-type home switches and sockets can be used

★ (8.6 * 8.6 cm switch and socket, special size switch can not be used)

★ trouble in the pro before buying the size of the switch about to confirm a good order, so as not to delay the use of pro, thank you.

★ receipt without signature acceptance, found to be bad, within 24 hours of camera contact our customer service can be, replacement or refund.

★ which a need to shoot which a, do not shoot a paragraph, notes made b. Warehouse delivery only security models shipped, please understand.

★ Each switch is affixed with four double-sided adhesive tape, just double-sided tape attached to the switch attached to the back of the four corners of the paste, then paste the switch on the wall can be, and installation is very convenient.


1: Use a clean cloth to wipe the switch on the back and the wall around the switch clean.

(Wipe off the excess resin powder or dust, can switch stickers more firmly)

2: will be presented four stickers affixed to the switch attached to the back of the four corners, then the switch can be affixed to the wall.

If you want to use a new period of time or want to expose the new walls do not hurt,

if you Home is wallpaper

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