Baiwei special 220V switch 12V | US solid | Tingwei | Car refrigerator supporting home power converter | 72W power

Baiwei special 220V switch 12V | US solid | Tingwei | Car refrigerator supporting home power converter | 72W power

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: BAI WATT
  • Model: BWT-072120-B
  • Color Classification: household 220V to 12V power transformer
  • Output power: 100W or less
  • Voltage conversion: other
  • Whether with USB: No

This section power converter is suitable for semiconductor refrigerator US solid brand, ting micro-brand car refrigerator power converter, after a long test for all available on the market car refrigerator semiconductor electronic refrigerator models use, the number of 200 pieces to buy up!

Solemn promise (within one year of a bad replacement for our customers to order date date)

'special reminder':
Parents who choose the power must pay attention to their own car electrical power, Select the converter power must be greater than the choice of electrical power (Recommended to choose the largest possible power to prepare for the follow-up of the needs of larger power appliances, be prepared, a pro will ask my electrical power is not selected high-power will not burn, in fact, as long as the 12V voltage converter The greater the power that is greater and more stable energy, the electrical is also better, just like the effort to live, the strength of small people can not do a big effort, the strength of people to do small things easier to do the same reason) , Otherwise it will not use or damage the converter, because the choice of converter power is too small or use more than the converter power limit caused by damage to the electrical, not in the warranty, please be careful!

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