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Prime Home | open light copper unicorn ornaments one pair queen | ever been unicorn feng shui ornaments home decorations

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  • Brand: Prime home
  • Appearance: Animals
  • Color Category: pure gold brass trumpet Hannaford pure brass gold golden pure brass Lucky No. No. No. Hannaford pure gold brass Lucky Hannaford one pair of pure gold brass tuba Lucky pure gold brass tuba Hannaford pure gold brass tuba one pair pure brass golden pure brass King Lucky Hannaford pure brass golden king golden giant Lucky Hannaford giant golden pure brass pure brass brown pure Lucky No. brass brown medium brown Hannaford pure brass tuba Lucky Hannaford pure pure brass tuba brass brown brown King Lucky Hannaford pure brass brown king pure brass brown giant Lucky pure brass Hannaford pure brass brown brown giant Lucky pure brass brown Extreme Edition Extreme Edition models small resin ornaments Hannaford
  • Material: Copper
  • Product Number: qiling01
  • Application of space: Living
  • Style: Ming and Qing classical
  • Function: Academic
  • Decoration Type: Desktop Decoration

Colors have a pair with a single option, you need one pair please take one pair of it.

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Kirin is the ancient Chinese legend of the beast Jixiang Ren, Qi for the male, female Lin is unique unicorn shape, there are four characteristics: a leader, deer body, oxtail, horseshoe, head of a corner and there is an air of meat is very vivid, is . auspicious treasure it Rites and trustworthiness it has two meanings: one is auspicious auspicious; two for mercy auspicious.

According to legend, the unicorn is the favorite to help a good man, to have filial piety charitable people special care, so there 'benevolence beast,' said. Kirin saw the bad guys when the time will be chasing this man bite, so some bad guys or engaged and yellow, gambling and drug-related industries, regardless of their residence or a company, can not be placed unicorn.

Kirin's role:

1. Since ancient times, the unicorn is decorated on the court to vibration official authority purposes, is a symbol of the rich and powerful. Can worries and difficulties, get rid of the demons, the town house to avoid the ghosts, reminders financial promotion. Unicorn is very suitable for the nature of work stable who placed, particularly suitable for use in government agencies, public officials, public security, the executive work. reminder when official party on Stagecoach (Stagecoach parties need each person to project according to the time of birth), is the strongest reminder of your promotion of goods;

2. In Feng Shui, there are prosperous future role Kirin Chinese folk since ancient times, 'unicorn ever been' story: that Confucius's mother married a long time childless, to pray mountains Niqiu divination, to find heaven unicorn, and vomiting blood on the stone, followed by hole mother sitting on the stone, then to conceive, so eager to live Takako people tend to put one pair of unicorn on the balcony, hoping to get early Liner.

3. Lucky town house: Kirin is auspicious representatives, which was placed in the home, there is a town house from evil spirits, adding to the family auspicious role, so that the owner not only a successful career, joint fortunes will improve in addition, Kirin also. lag can Dangqu shipped Meiqi for the owner. generally used for transport unicorn preferably through the opening, and its power in order to play vividly.

4. resolve three evil: Three truly belongs by fleeting but came in different directions, each year we are bound to encounter three evil solution must be three Kirin, on the three evil family home position, and would like to head. three evil party.

5. straight of evil: If the front door straight into the gallery to see committed a mandrel evil, can block one pair of unicorn, Ruoguo 'evil spirits' weak, such as corridors too long, can be used to ward off evil unicorn one pair, but if the evil spirits strong, long, straight corridor, then he will use three to ward off evil unicorn may also be one pair of unicorn and a gossip convex mirror placed together is on the evil side to melt the ghost.

6. defuse evil white tiger: white tiger in the home position, place one pair unicorn, white tiger can resolve the ominous side, so that people live in peace within the premises, especially outside of the white tiger square chimney or sharp things hitting the red, the more we want to place It has been the opening of the unicorn.

7. resolve Elevator stairs evil: In the home, in high-rise buildings continue to increase, it is necessary to pay attention to a good position when the elevator housing choice, if there is an elevator on the right hand side of their own homes, then it is easy to commit evil, and if the elevator just in the West, then it must be promptly resolved, you can put one pair of unicorn in this position.

Note: The specific placement mascot, please draw a plan by the company feng shui help you determine the best location.