PVC line trunking H40 * W40 | Grey Wireway | Electrical wiring duct | distribution cabinet cable bridge

PVC line trunking H40 * W40 | Grey Wireway | Electrical wiring duct | distribution cabinet cable bridge

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Jiang cast
  • Model: XC4040
  • Material: PVC
  • Suitable for: Light
  • Diameter: 16mm
  • Denominated in units of: m

Name: PVC line trunking Electrical Wiring Duct

Specifications: High width X * X (H * W), for example: H25 * W25 is trunking trunking width 25mm height 25mm *

Note: The single length of 2 m / root Baby Unit price of one meter pro baby photographed Note the number of Oh!!!

Construction: from the bottom and the slot cover two parts, the bottom groove provided on both sides of the outlet hole

Feature 1: the base on both sides of the outlet holes aligned with each other, are each connected sawing or L-shaped surfaces can remain beautiful and neat

Features 2: slot cover with a special design, in combination with the base will never fall off, and the joints smooth, not receive cuts and abrasions near the line

Feature 3: outlet hole low, the combination of easy disassembly simple and easy wiring.

Note: Specifications subject to external distribution trough high combination, can be considered a standard width

Trunking 2,020,252,530,203,025 5020 five species of bottom outlet, are other

Another may be set meticulous teeth, closed, not open, and other specifications, special requirements may be cut length

Trunking length long, expensive freight before the shoot, please contact customer service!!!

There is also need to see details of the plan, please contact customer service, to provide details of the photos!

Jiangsu, Zhejiang Normal 1 box of 35 yuan (except shipping high 50 series 40), Azores Express, Shanghai area can pick-up or delivery, if large free shipping details, please contact customer service

Line trunking

There are generally called generic line trunking, electrical distribution trunking, trunking etc., using PVC plastic Main

To use In electrical equipment internal wiring, 1200V and below the electrical equipment for the laying of wires from which the

machine Mechanical Protection and Electrical protection. After using the product, Convenient wiring, wiring neat, reliable installation, they

To find and repair And transfer In other lines.

Specifications and Dimensions

1, line trunking size specifications Standard 2 m , We can provide customized service length.

2, line trunking mainstream color gray. According to the regional use

different Divided into: general trunking, trunking and decorating, floor groove.

3, internal wiring line trunking, under normal circumstances, The conductors must not exceed 2/3 of the tank capacity.


1, the side walls into tankpunching and Closed punching Two, the code respectively (T) and (-).

2, trunking tooth punch section smooth, no glitches, no cut hand and abrasions near the wiring.

3, bear strong, high temperature, At 70 degrees in the environment is still not deformation, discoloration.