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Summer children's summer air-conditioned by the summer was a special summer single summer summer quilt double student quilt summer core

Product code: -8773100030
Unit price 4.64-6.88$
Sold quantity 82559
Available stock 2368
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Product parameters:

  • Season: air conditioning was / cool summer was
  • Quilt fabric: other
  • Brand: Crown Prince shark
  • Color Classification: Pure White Butterfly Love - Pink Pink Beige Star - Pink Star - Blue Butterfly Love - Blue
  • Product grade: qualified products
  • Filling: chemical fiber
  • Fiber types: microfiber
  • Size: 100x150cm 'Children / Nap by' 150x200cm 'Single' 180x220cm 'Single to increase' 200X230cm 'Double'
  • Item No .: VUJ2023
  • Weaving process: other
  • Manufacturing Process: Others