Bo sea manual beep alarm Horn high decibel alarm fire alarm evacuation alarm

Bo sea manual beep alarm Horn high decibel alarm fire alarm evacuation alarm

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: sea anchor
  • Model: LK-100

Manual alarm, is without power to support hand-generator, due to local differences, names are not the same (Manual alarm Manual alarm Manual alarm, laptop alarm, no power alarm).

It contains handle, growth mechanism of gears, clutch slider, wheel, ring the wheels, tuning window cover, gear box, box frame, handles and gear growth is connected to the drive shaft, gear growth mechanism is connected to the output shaft through the slider pin and clutch, clutch slider friction drive flange connection to the impeller. Its purpose is without power supply support, powered by turning a crank to alert the alert signal, speed of sound depends on the hand.

From the style, why use stationary manual alarm, portable hand-cranked siren.

Weight 1.2 kg and 9 kg of manual alarm, light weight, easy to carry, detachable iteration, it will sound an alarm when the hand lever. After the Wenchuan earthquake, during the processing of the Lake, this hand alert once played an active role, because of the power supply, traffic is blocked, other mobile alerts inaccessible alarm area, yet lightweight, portable hand-cranked the alarm alert is the best.

Widely used in factories, schools, army, dedicated for flood control, natural disaster, open barracks, air defense, mountain rescue and sea border posts, forest fire, flood, fire, prison, reservoir, ships, mines, Plains, grasslands, gas stations, airports, farm, hotel, hotels and other places of emergency. Can effectively provide timely warning, reduce the loss of people and property and casualty.

Any emergency necessities!

Sound level: 110 ± 2 (class a) in 1 m radius

Output frequency: 500 ± 20

Weight: 1.2kg

Material: aluminum alloy

Packing size: 186x186x170mm

Two random color (red, green)