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Rechargeable lithium batteries USB wind fan fan | Students mini desktop fan portable portable charging treasure

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: ZOSHI
  • Model: small waists USB fan
  • Color category: strongly recommend working 6 hours a 2200mAh+ line battery cannot use small wind Motors random worked 2 hours 1200mAh+ blue line color black white work 2 hours worked 2 hours 1200mAh+ line 1200mAh+ line 1200mAh+ line pink green work 2 hours worked 2 hours Green Black work 6 hours 1200mAh+ line 2200mAh+ line 2200mAh+ line work 6 hours white work 6 hours 2200mAh+ line Blue Pink work 6 hours work 6 hours 2200mAh+ line 2200mAh+ line
  • Material: plastic

Must read before Hong Kong Taiwan abroad do not contact customer service Bao 1A, special attention to the charge output will use 2A power supply power supply battery must be placed not burning Board Our activities 1, get 3 store coupons need to be at least 40 Yuan in Taobao I benefits

Package description:

Working time of 6 hours (small) 2200 mAh battery supports charging treasure

Working time 2 hours (small) 1200 mAh battery

Cannot use without battery USB battery 18650 batteries Random does not specify a color

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