After Maverick Maverick fender Cool Manchester refit dedicated to the Ford Escape sill strip rear trunk guards inside and outside

After Maverick Maverick fender Cool Manchester refit dedicated to the Ford Escape sill strip rear trunk guards inside and outside

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: KUST / Cool Manchester
  • Model: Maverick guard after
  • Scope: trunk trim
  • Color Classification: Built rearguard rearguard 304 + external thick steel (same model Mercedes) Mercedes-Benz with an adhesion promoter to send money after the external shield comes [rad / 304 thicker steel / bag stick tape to send help agent] [Normal] 207 stainless steel external rear fender (not recommended rust) upgrade section built rearguard to send adhesion promoters
  • Services: Support installation

- Guangzhou, Shenzhen riders free installation -

By Cool Manchester Direct store service, only Guangzhou and Shenzhen city riders, to the store to enjoy this service can address specific Baidu map search: Cool Manchester (address can be found in Guangzhou phone), Shenzhen Cool Manchester (Can be found Shenzhen Address Telephone)

After directly photographed, contact customer service, sent to Guangzhou or Shenzhen store installation, customer service that is free will arrange the installation process. Other riders can find their own area of ​​the installation point, or contact the online customer service inquiries around the riders described mount point.

? You find it cheaper low-quality stuff here, just at that moment you finished killing price is happy with when no day is fun; good quality stuff, the moment money is distressed by the time , every day is happy, all the time talking about giving glorious.
Do you want to spend a hundred buy the best rearguard in ten years, or spend 60 to buy fake goods a month? Cool Manchester , Quality assurance! Package tape does not cut the hand does not hurt the paint bullet comes radians version.
Note: The new Maverick special design rear fender (in fact, both sides of the rear fender Maverick is downward sloping, we first made nearly a thousand pieces of rear guard like everyone is designed as a flat design. results of two months, there have been sticky bikers reaction guard two days after the bomb hurt the paint on both sides of the tilt, this is like a very urgent and we quickly make the product their own against Maverick portion designers research, data collection again, I realized that both sides are curved, reluctantly one thousand rearguard all emptied out of the mold again, and finally after nearly 50 recent revision, finally have this plastic bag long after the coating section fender (packet tape technology, manual package yo, because the mold after the revision with considerable effort, so it is only for its own hardware factory cool Manchester, patented, avoid counterfeiting)
Extraneous: The first batch of one thousand stocks also through clearance channels scattered throughout the country, to get the mold is the first generation of parents who can shoot that businesses ask whether they know one or two with rad (universal models. the disadvantage, first, there is no curvature of both sides of the stick is not tight, playing hurt the paint; second, the design is not very old-fashioned high-end; third, do not pay attention to the material, easy to rust).