13-17 section of the new wing of the tiger after the protection board cool special rear wing trim tailgate tailgate outside the trunk protection board

13-17 section of the new wing of the tiger after the protection board cool special rear wing trim tailgate tailgate outside the trunk protection board

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: KUST / cool
  • Model: wing tiger rear shield
  • Scope: trunk trim
  • Color Classification: '13 -17 models of external 'black standard section of the tiger surrounded by the whole package of plastic strips '13 -17 models of external' silver standard section of the package surrounded by flying tigers '13 -17 paragraph external 'blue standard models Flying tiger all encircled package '17 paragraph built-in 'upgrade thick' 17 built-in + external 'flying surrounded by blue standard paragraph' 17 built-in + external 'full surrounded by silver standard section '13 -15 'Built-in rear fender + external rear plate 304 thicker (Mercedes-Benz with paragraph) to send adhesive '13 -17 models external' Mercedes-Benz with the paragraph 'own radian / 304 thickening of steel / (Not recommended to rust) '13 -15 'built-in upgrade section after the board to send the adhesive to help the' ordinary '207' stainless steel '
  • Services: support the installation

- Guangzhou, Shenzhen Juyou free installation -

From the cool special Direct store to provide services, only Guangzhou and Shenzhen city car riders, to the store to enjoy this service. The specific address can be Baidu map search: Chester (can be found in Guangzhou address phone), Shenzhen,Can be found Shenzhen address phone)

Direct photographed, and customer service, sent to the store in Guangzhou or Shenzhen installation, customer service that will arrange free installation process. Other areas of the riders can find their own installation point, or contact online customer service around the installation of the riders.

You find it? Cheap low-quality things, only the moment you kill the price is happy, with the time when no one is happy; good quality stuff, give money that moment is distressed, with the time , Every day is happy, when people are talking about the glorious.
You want to spend more than a hundred to buy the best back plate with a decade, or spend 60 to buy imitation goods with a month? Cool Sturt , Quality assurance! Package does not cut the shell does not hurt the elasticity of paint arc version.
(In fact, both sides of the wing tiger rear shield is tilted downwards, we do the first batch of nearly a thousand pieces of the rear shield is designed as all the same as the design of the flat, The results of two months after the car has been the reaction board sticky two days after both sides of the elastic injury paint, this is like a very urgent, we quickly let the product of the Department of designers to their own research, Only to find the original is the curvature of the sides, reluctantly will be 1000 after the board all emptied, re-out of the mold, and finally after five revision, and finally have this package of plastic coated long section of the back cover (including plastic strips, handbags Yo, after the revision of the mold because with a considerable effort, it is also used only for its own hardware factory, to apply for a patent, to avoid being counterfeit)
Questions: the first batch of thousands of inventory also cleared through the channels scattered throughout the country, can get the mold is the first generation, pro shoot can ask the business whether or not with radian can know one or two. Second, the design is very old - fashioned is not high - grade; Third, the materials do not pay attention to, easy to rust.)