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Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Andrews Apple phone tablet PC TV set-top boxes hand travel CF king of glory

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: fruit Jia X600
  • Brand: Fruit Jia
  • Model: X600
  • Wireless: Wireless
  • Applicable: android platform
  • Colors: black and red with dark blue [brackets]
  • Handle characteristics: no vibration
  • Interface Type: USB

Buyer must read

Pro, before the next one be sure to confirm your phone (contact customer service consultation oh), the current section Bluetooth handset supports Samsung, millet, music, as Huawei, Meizu, OPP, VIVO, Gionee, TV Plus, Cool, Lenovo and other mainstream products. Pro can be good mobile downloads Grape game room (Thousands of models supports most arcade games) look to buy the game you want to play the handle Oh!

note : Blue models support Apple systems, the red section does not support Apple systems

Methods of operation:

1, arcade games for download.

2, link Bluetooth handset to enter the game can be used directly without ROOT without mapping Oh!

recommend: Grape Download game room : (There are universal shootout, Cross Fire CF, king of glory, balls big fight over universal God, freedom fight, Naruto, and many other mobile phone network)

Tips: This section handle support Online king of glory CF Sphere Wars free Naruto Battle over God referendum referendum assault, this game must be downloaded before the new tour game room use (use: a good game arcade download link Bluetooth handset can be used directly, unknown Department can contact customer service).
Only Android and Qualcomm Snapdragon chip support, CPU MediaTek (MTK) is not supported! Photographed please confirm whether you decide to buy a mobile phone chip support! Unclear as to ask the owner, did not take a shot asking, returns need themselves shipping back and forth!

Apple device system must be 9.3 or more can download the new tour game room use, the system requires less than the 9.3 version of the jailbreak after support!!! Download Apple devices new tour game room. Mind carefully shot!!!