Electric car converter 96V84V80V72V60V64V48V36V turn 12V DC current DC10A20A

Electric car converter 96V84V80V72V60V64V48V36V turn 12V DC current DC10A20A

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Wang Yue
  • Model: electric car converter
  • Product Number: 72v
  • Color Classification: 36V-96V turn 12V20A Plus 36V-72V turn 12V10A external fuse conversion female plug 36V-72V switch 12V 10A 36V-84V ordinary paragraph turn 12V10A Plus

Style: Waterproof aluminum alloy shell
Applied voltage: 36V-96V within range
Input voltage: 36V-96V

Rated voltage
Input Current: ≤10A / 20A
Output voltage: 12.5 ± 0.2V (no load) load based on electricity consumption set
Output current: peak 10A / 20A (11A can work) to work 8-22A 2-3.5A higher than ordinary goods.
Working power: ≤100W (Please use the power within this)
Efficiency: ≥95% (Fanxiu rate: 1% -1.8% a year personal usage)
Stability: voltage< 1% 电流< 1%
Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃
Humidity: ≤90%
Dimensions: 9.5

X5X3.5CM (length X width X height)

Uses: used in high-power two electric motorcycles electrical appliances, such as vacuum lamp xenon dual tone snail
Also applies to battery forklift, electric transportation vehicles, electric tour buses, electric golf carts and other
Seed power conversion with an electric vehicle, instrumentation, accelerator, lights and other working power.

Wiring: DC Description: The red positive, black negative, yellow output
Input section: red is positive, can connect the electric door lock switch line output terminal, black line is negative common;
Output part: yellow line of 12V positive, black line is negative common;

Features: 1) short circuit protection 2) 3 overcurrent protection) overvoltage protection
Short circuit protection: When the output short circuit converter stops working, excluded automatically return to work after a short circuit;
Overcurrent protection: converter stops working when the output current reaches the current value of protection;
Overvoltage protection: When the output voltage is higher than the rating of the converter is stopped.


High inverter frequency, fast response, small size, light weight, low energy consumption, high efficiency, energy and materials
Low temperature, high temperature, humidity, sour, dust, vibration environment adaptability strong, stable and reliable
It has a whole over temperature, output reverse polarity, output overcurrent and short circuit protection, safe and reliable;
A wide range of anti-voltage fluctuation, strong ability, high control precision;
The modular structure of the circuit design, installation and maintenance quick and easy.

This product uses high-frequency inverter technology, its size, weight, power consumption, efficiency, performance and reliability are better than similar products.

special reminder : Please pro must determine their own equipment to be connected Power and current. This result exceeds the range of the converter burned or burned equipment, not covered under warranty, the consequences need to own (If you want the warranty, please pay the full International warranty).

Products built-in fuse, if the fuse has blown or burned black, and that is due to pick the wrong line, not in our warranty, the consequences need to own, so you pro when wiring Qianwanqianwan careful not to pick the wrong line . (If not, please do not really understand the connection)

Shelf Life:

1 : If a bad product, be shifting.

2: disassemble, not warranty!

3: Self-cut lines, not sale!

4: Shelf life 12 months (Under warranty does not pick the wrong line and other man-made reasons, the implementation of product replacement repair, postage themselves).