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DC12V 9000 mAh | Polymer | Rechargeable external lithium battery | Surveillance camera mobile power

DC12V 9000 mAh | Polymer | Rechargeable external lithium battery | Surveillance camera mobile power
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: YSA / Eagle as security
  • Model: YSD-12900
  • Warranty: 1 year

DC12V 9000 mA rechargeable lithium battery

Really recommend to buy goods, lightweight, anytime, anywhere you need the most time to give you the most immediate power service.

Can support all kinds of 3C consumer electronics consumer demand and monitoring power supply camera, 9000 mA rechargeable lithium battery, as long as the attached transformer plug in the home power outlet, you can recharge the power, unlimited number of re-use , To ensure that you can save the usual extra expenses of the general battery costs, on the briefcase or backpack are very lightweight and convenient, is the most popular mini-portable power support program this year.

˙12V can provide similar to LCD, surveillance cameras, monitor receivers, tachometers and other 12V power support electronic goods.
˙ unlimited number of charges, can effectively save the battery money costs.
˙ general conditions can support the use of 4 to 8 hours, depending on the equipment to support.
˙ built-in switch can effectively save the battery power.

Battery size: 32mmx43mmx116mm
Battery capacity: 9000 mAh mA
Input voltage: DC 12.6V
Output voltage: DC 12V
Product weight: 380g

Main accessories:
Battery 1 Charger 1 manual 1 copy


The use of polymer lithium as a material, so that the battery itself is larger, smaller, and support the instantaneous discharge of high equipment (such as model power supply, etc.) for some of the power capacity and volume requirements of the equipment is very suitable for charging cycle The number of times, no memory effect, etc .; internal circuit for multiple protection design, to prevent overcharge, over discharge, overcurrent; production process using computer quality testing and monitoring to ensure that the battery excellent performance.

Surveillance cameras, camcorders, personal processing systems, PDA personal data assistants, personal communication systems, walkie-talkies, digital cameras, camcorders, video cameras, Bluetooth devices, CD players, MD players, portable DVDs, MP3 players, smart cards, Models, etc. can be used in all areas of 12V power supply.

''Please note 'for the first time:
As the battery factory, the battery internal power, be sure to the battery power consumption, and then continue to charge 2-8 hours (depending on battery capacity size).
When charging: the power adapter light is red and green, until the power adapter light turns green and the power is fully charged, so that the lithium battery can maximize the performance.


1. Do not use a poor charger, we have a special charger.
2. This power charger is a special lithium battery charger, do not use for other types of battery charging.
3. Note that the use of the process do not let the battery by a strong squeeze and collision.
4. Before charging, lithium batteries do not need a special discharge, improper discharge, but will damage the battery.
5. The maximum input voltage of any device using the battery must be within the output voltage range of the battery, otherwise it will damage the electrical equipment.
6. The battery is best not to be used for more than a year, to avoid capacity decline.
7. Keep away from high temperatures and store in a cool, dry place.

'Battery charging method':

Switch control, power supply charge when you need to open the switch charge (power can be two simultaneous output)
The charger will be connected to the power supply, the green light will be on; then the charger will be connected with the battery, the red light will indicate that the charging should start; because the charging circuit adopts the slow charging design (fast charge has the influence of the battery life), the charging time Usually in the 4-5 hours or more; until the red light on the charger goes out or turn green, the battery is the battery charge is completed. Battery-powered one end of the power cord (double line) connected to the battery, the other end connected to the need for electricity The internal circuit will automatically cut off the power, resulting in no voltage output, then as long as the redo a charging step will be able to restore the power output (Figure), the internal circuit will automatically cut off the power supply, The

''Electricity usage time example ':

If you use the total current consumption of the device is 1000mAh, then the 2500 mAh battery divided by 1000 is equal to 2.5 or 2.5 hours or so, and so on, you can calculate your approximate use of time.


Product capacity is rigorously tested to ensure that the capacity of the product appearance size is different or change without notice, please take the goods actually prevail! If the size of the appearance requirements of very strict buyers, please before the purchase Detailed customer service staff and then photographed, thank you support!