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U-type pregnant women underwear low-waist winter cotton underwear care belly pants during pregnancy late triangular maternal pants

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: ENJOY PREG / enjoy pregnancy
  • Model number: 20020
  • Color Classification: pink color champagne each a pink color blue a pink color green each a pink green blue each a green champagne blue one each with other colors please note the message 4 installed pink blue green color each a 4 Install a pink blue green champagne each one
  • Size: M L XL XXL F
  • The number of articles: 3
  • Underwear type: maternal general
  • Waist is adjustable: not adjustable
  • Waist type: low waist
  • Style: briefs
  • Material: Cotton (95% and above)
  • pattern: plain
  • Function: no trace
  • Clothing style details: low heart

F number is underwear XXXL number, Taobao system can not be marked out as a substitute!

Pregnant panties to the students need 8-12 to change back-washing, pre-3-6 months can buy M, 5-7 months can buy L XL, fat MM large belly in the late buy XXL. Color number can be with the pro Note under their own. Not a note, then the number is a 3 style