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Lenovo Notebook Adapter Y460 Y470 G480 Y450 Power Cord 20V4.5A Charger

Lenovo Notebook Adapter Y460 Y470 G480 Y450 Power Cord 20V4.5A Charger
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Zukun ZK780
  • Applicable models: Zukun
  • Model: ZK780
  • Procurement: Mainland China
  • Applicable brands: Lenovo / Lenovo
  • Lenovo Series Model: Tianyi Y Series
  • Charger Applicable forms: Direct charge
  • Whether original: non-original
  • Output voltage: 20V
  • Output current: 4.5A

'Brand model' Lenovo / Lenovo dedicated

'enter' (Input) 100-240V (universal) can also be brought back abroad, 50 / 60Hz

'Output' (Output) 20V-4.25A

'interface'AC input 3 plug, DC output interface - the standard hole (5.5 * 2.5mm)

'package'Customized carton packaging, adapter bubble bag packaging (to ensure transport safety) What you receive is: a new adapter 1 + (gift) a power cord

'Universal models' refer to the following models:

Lenovo G series G360 G450 G455 G460 G460e G465 G465c G470 G470E G475 G480 G485 G560 G560e G565 G570 G575 G580 G585 G700 G780

IdeaPad Y series Y330 Y400 Y410P Y430 Y450 Y460 Y460P Y470 Y470P Y471P Y480 Y485 Y485P Y500 Y510 Y510P Y530 Y550 Y550A Y550P Y560 Y560P Y570 Y580 Y650 Y710 Y730
IdeaPad S series S300 S400 S405 S500
IdeaPad Z Series Z360 Z370 Z380 Z460 Z465 Z470 Z475 Z480 Z485 Z510 Z560 Z565 Z570 Z575 Z580 Z585
IdeaPad U series U110 U130 U150 U160 U165 U260 U300e U300s U310 U330 U330p U350 U400 U410 U430 U450 U450A U460 U510 U550
Lenovo Yang days series V360 V370 V460 V470 V470c V560 V570 B460 B465 B470 B470e B475 B570 B570e B575 B575e
Zhaoyang K Series, E series Tianyi sun, and other series ... ... If not sure whether the application of welcome customer service ~
*Tips* : If thinkpad series notebook please click the link below to view ↓