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Car dancing a family of A Dream car stickers jingle cats stickers cats car stickers cute funny cartoon cover scratch stickers

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: car dance family
  • Model: Dora cartoon car stickers
  • Pattern: cartoon animation
  • Cartoon characters: Viking
  • Material: sticker
  • (2 cats) lying on the door to the door paste (two cats) with a hat to glance at a glance (the two cats) to look at the door stickers (two cats) with a hat a glance Small body sticker aircraft fuel tank affixed to the black word aircraft fuel tank affixed to the white end of the charcoal stickers black word tail sticky white peep mirror attached to the exposed half of the face aiming at a black pair of equipment aimed at a silver on the cat installed a microphone black (Two cats) gymnastics rotating gymnastics jumper size jingle car body sticker black size jingle car body paste silver novice on the road, please take care of the white novice on the road, please pay more attention to black play baseball
  • Film type: body paste

Car stickers non-paper type film, thick material, do not hurt car paint, artificial tear without leaving any traces, waterproof sunscreen anti-off, use up to 3 years, high cost!

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