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Taiwan direct delivery | double-headed acne acne stick acne stick pick acne stick | acne without leaving marks

Taiwan direct delivery | double-headed acne acne stick acne stick pick acne stick | acne without leaving marks
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: eleles concealed acne
  • Color Classification: Straight head elbow straight 1 + disinfection cotton 100 elbow 1 + disinfection cotton 100 straight head 2 straight head 2 + disinfection cotton 100 piece disinfection cotton 100
  • Beauty Tools Category: facial beauty make-up appliances
  • Beauty Tools Category: Others
  • Beauty Tools Variety: Other
  • Brand: eleles
  • Make-up / beauty tools a single product: hidden acne needle
  • Specifications Type: Normal Specification
  • Efficacy: Other
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • made in China
  • Shelf life: 5 years

Color random delivery is not specified, a price of 1 price
existing elbow and Straight head Two, Photographed Rear Please leave a message Remarks, if no remarks, we will randomly issued Oh
Production Product Name: Hidden acne stick (tip)
Product Specifications: The overall length when unfolded: 13.5cm, both sides are put away when the overall length: 8.8cm

Material: stainless steel needle, plastic

Product Features:
Shaft increase, high grip stability, incorporating design, easy to carry, Ansheng health.

1, to tip after light pick, and then squeeze out the other side of light pressure pimple.
2, the needle tip and squeeze pox ring clean and screw into the tube after the rod included.
3, it is recommended to rub at the skin at the convergence of make-up water, A acid or A alcohol skin care products to help convergence of pores, maintenance of skin.

When using, please pay attention to the surrounding environment, to avoid collision of foreign objects, causing harm, please put in the child is not easy to get places.
For personal hygiene, do not share it with others.

preservation method:
Avoid moisture

In-kind photographs, and now the circle part of the design for flat head, more non-slip more solid

Super good youth bar Oh, good quality, a round head is used to squeeze the black out, one is pointed, used to puncture a pustule Peas, and can be reversed over the hidden,

Go out to carry is very convenient, safe and sanitary,Taiwan origin , Quality is not something that can be a few pieces of Kazakhstan.

A lot of pro-run PP cream of the JMS said that whiteheads will come out, how to do, then you can use this round head will be scratching all the blackheads are scraped,

And then on the BF or BH lavender flower hydration gel iced attaining on the ok, so not only to remove the black, but also convergence pores Oh

It can be a pro-Peas first with a pointed poke on the Peas, and then squeeze out the pustule with a round head,

And then on the BF or BH Lavender flower hydration gel cold face, and so scraped? Wu Nei roasted earthworms slow Ji Tun slow service, Peas will go down a lot of Oh

You can also use their favorite anti-inflammatory mask Oh.

See the youth bar even in the most like a
Design is really very hard
Both sides can be screwed down and anti-income pen tube
It is also safe and safe and convenient ah ~
No longer have to worry about going out into the bag will tie to their own ~ the United States!

On the right, and here to tell you a little knowledge of anti-acne
It must be sure not to squeeze acne by hand, as will scar!
Because the hand to squeeze acne, acne burst from the skin, the wound is a burst-like irregular crack
So even after the wound healed
Irregular rupture of the skin to grow together, there will still be pock
So to deal with some of their own can not break out of the skin out of acne, we will bold use acne needle
In the center of acne, gently and quickly tie down or gently tap
And then use the other end of light extrusion acne to OK, and finally can be coated with anti-inflammatory and convergence of the skin care products
The wounds thus formed are intact, regular, with minimal wound area and easy to heal
As long as the attention of the wound protection, not inflammation of the infection, do not use the pigment on the wound with the ingredients of the product, then we will not have a pock of troubled ~

Another point to remind niu attention
Not all known in the market are stainless steel products are genuine stainless steel Oh
God bought products for the horse is clearly written in stainless steel, but with a rust soon after it? Sad reminder `` `
In fact, niu you fooled
Now a lot of products on the market that is stainless steel, but in fact nickel-plated iron
There are also some, although stainless steel, but the purity is very low
This product has just bought a hand, very beautiful, and the real 100% stainless steel can not see the difference
But long-term use down will find different
Will rust ah ~~~~~~~~~~~
So here to remind you, do not figure a moment to buy cheap unscrupulous products, will hurt our own skin, this is not a joke

Hand squeeze acne easy to leave scars, and improper handling will be infected.This introduction acne needle, after disinfection with alcohol,

Stainless steel needle tip puncture the affected area, and then set at the pox at the steel ring down pressure, the dirt can immediately be squeezed out.

Anti-allergic treatment, all stainless steel, an independent package installed, clean and sanitary.

Small circle can be done in the completion of the mask (nasal membrane) after cleaning blackheads, practical results

How to select acne needles?

Acne needles to select a regular acne needle, can not be so-so just buy a trouble because these stall likely to be inferior metal to do great harm to the skin should go to the regular cosmetics store or beauty shop to buy. Of the acne needle should be no taste, the needle body smooth and shiny, and no rust.

Acne needle how to use?

Step 1: The first alcohol disinfection will acne needle disinfection;

Step 2: with the needle to break the skin, so that blackheads, acne, acne turned up and pick up some of the subcutaneous fibrous tissue.

Step 3: squeeze, the acne opening on the middle of the circle down, or slowly move until the hole touches the steel side so far as it can.

Step 4: After use, and then clean with a toner, the skin is more fresh and clean, smooth and delicate, then squeeze the Department to a certain thickness of the acne cream or anti-inflammatory water, firming water can be.

Use acne needle tips

Must be disinfected before use

The use of the former must be disinfected, to wash hands and face are clean, otherwise the bacteria can take advantage of this is the most basic and most important step, if not enough attention, the bacteria exposed to acne, acne will be infected wounds, causing More trouble.

Acne needle disinfection method

Acne needle how disinfection, first of all acne needles immersion in Sheng 75% medical alcohol devices, about 20 minutes out after drying with dry gauze, dry to avoid residual alcohol on the skin to stimulate damage.

Immature acne can not be squeezed

If your acne is still inflamed, feels hard, there is still pain, you can not use acne needles. Otherwise, the more serious the more serious. When you see acne slowly emerge a little white or yellowish When you can use acne needles to pick acne. Immature acne must not move.

Tea tree oil anti-inflammatory

Sometimes pick the acne will leave the black mark, you can use tea tree oil or lavender essential oil drop, with the finger in the pox, you can promote the pox marks can also be anti-inflammatory

Use the acupuncture needle strength to control well

Eliminate acne after the end of the tip of the acne point gently puncture the acne part of this step need to master the intensity, Pay attention to the way to pick acne, be sure to maintain 90 degrees vertical.