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Mm2016 boys T-shirt short-sleeved T-shirt Korean version of the short T in the large round-necked Aodaier T-shirt leisure hundred

Product code: -8540500030
Unit price 22.28$
Sold quantity 6960
Available stock 8698
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Product parameters:

  • Features: Quick-drying
  • Brand: Mmgtd
  • Safety Class: Class B
  • Color Category: yellow car yellow orangutan yellow Hercules yellow turtle 10 yellow turtle 11 yellow dinosaur play
  • Collar type: round neck
  • Reference Height: 110cm (can not ball) 120cm (do not fade) 130cm (not deformation) 140cm (cotton collar) 150cm (15 days returned)
  • Applicable Gender: Male
  • Item: me001dt016
  • Model real shot: real shot model
  • Fabric: cotton (cotton content of 100%)
  • Style: original design
  • Pattern: cartoon animation
  • sleeve length: short sleeve
  • Whether with a hat: None

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Through strict quality control, the indicators are qualified,

especially Formaldehyde content is zero Oh.

Printing is also environmentally friendly and healthy

Customers have to reflect the baby clothing Clothes a little bit short, it is recommended pro pro-freshman than usual Oh!
If you do not understand what you can contact online customer service Oh!

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