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GPS signal detection low - frequency signal detector anti - theft car anti - location anti - tracking anti - wiretapping

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  • Brand: Qin Chang
  • Model: ACECO SC1-PLUS

We compare 'Taiwan: ACECO and ensure safety Suresafe series' 'Ukraine Digiscan Labs anti-recording equipment' 'British Audiotel' 'US REI node detector' 'Germany Dr.Feng Spectrometer' and other world high-end field related equipment

Radio detection performance ACECO's SC1-PLUS come to the fore, with a professional heavyweight radio frequency detector has been our recognition and admiration.

If you want to have a professional top radio detector this must be your best choice

The latest imports of quality and cheap can accurately detect the lock-standby state of mobile phones and gps location-specific detectors;

10CM --- N-meter range of free adjustment; 2G / 3G / 4G mobile phone GPS signal can be detected.

This product is the detection display frequency, you can determine the frequency of detection is a GPS or 3G WiFi belongs to the column,

But also can detect low-frequency, such as car remote control frequency, is a high-end listening devices (frequency is generally between 185-190) nemesis.

But also with our high-end signal detectors, activation sleep GPS: