36/48/60/72/80/84V/96v DC voltage converter 12 volts current 10A 20A of electric vehicles

36/48/60/72/80/84V/96v DC voltage converter 12 volts current 10A 20A of electric vehicles

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Blue paradise
  • Model: universal converter
  • Item no: 72V
  • Color category: 36V-96V go 12V20A enhanced 36V-72V turns 12V10A external fuse transform female plug 36V-72V switch 12V 10A General 36V-84V go 12V10A enhanced version

Style: waterproof aluminum shell
Operating voltage: within 36V-96V
Input voltage: 36V-96V

Rated voltage
Input current: ≤ 10A/20A
Output voltage: 12.5 ± 0.2V (no load) load based on electricity consumption
Output current: peak value 10A/20A. (11A) the normal work 8-22A. Higher than that of ordinary goods 2-3.5A
Power: 100W (Within this power use)
Efficiency: ¡ý 95% (anti-repair rate: 1%-1.8% personal one-year usage)
Stability: voltage< 1% 电流< 1%
Operating temperature:-20 ¡æ ~+55 ¡æ
Work humidity: ≤ 90%
Size: 9.5

X5X3.5CM (l x w x h)

Uses: used in two-wheeled electric motorcycle high-power electrical appliances, such as vacuum lamp Xenon lamp aspersa dual tone
Also applies to electric forklift, electric transport vehicles, electric bus, electric golf cart,
Kind of power for electric vehicles, instrumentation, accelerator, light work, such as the power supply.

Wiring instructions: DC description: Red positive and black negative output yellow
Input section: why red cathode, the connected electric door lock switch line output terminal, black why negative common;
Output section: why the yellow line 12V positive pole, black why negative common;

Product features: 1) short circuit protection 2) overcurrent protection 3) over voltage protection
Short circuit protection: when output short circuit converter stops working, excluding short circuit should be restored;
Overcurrent protection: when the output current to protect the value converter stops working;
Over voltage protection: when the output voltage is higher than the rated value converter stops working.

Performance description:

Inverter frequency high speed, small size, light weight, low energy consumption, high efficiency, energy-saving materials
Low temperature, high temperature, moist, sour, dust, vibration environment adaptability, stable and reliable
Has the machine temperature, output reverse output overcurrent and short circuit protection, safe and reliable;
Resistance to voltage fluctuation range, ability, high control precision;
Circuit structure of modular design, installation and maintenance quick and easy.

This product adopts high frequency inverter technology, the size, weight, energy consumption, efficiency, performance and reliability, are superior to similar products.

Special reminder : Please be sure to identify yourself to pick up equipment Power and current. Exceeding this range cause the converter to burn or burn of devices, not in warranty, the results of conceit (If you want to warranty, Fuquan postage warranty).

Built-in fuse, if the fuse or burnt black, that is caused by a wrong line, outside the scope of our warranty, results of ego, so you must be careful when wiring not connected to the wrong line . (If you don't understand please do not arbitrarily wiring)

Product shelf life:

1 : If there is bad taste, are shifting.

2: disassemble no warranty!

3: the wire, no sale!

4: Shelf life 12 months (Lines promise not to pick the wrong person cause of why cases, product replacement, the postage themselves).