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Buy 2 send 1'AIIKE HIV test paper HIV test paper blood test paper | automatic blood collection needle ABK

Buy 2 send 1
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Product parameters:

  • Medical appliances: basic surgery
  • Brand: AiIKE
  • Approval Number: State Food and Drug Administration (Quasi) Word 2014 No. 3401042
  • Production enterprises: Qingdao Han Tang Biological Technology Co., Ltd
  • Whether to import: No

Please read the product brochure carefully or under the guidance of the medical staff to buy and use
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Time to buy 2 to send 1 (the highest limit to send 5 boxes)
★ recommended to buy 2 boxes, the second box to facilitate the confirmation of the initial test results, measurement more peace of mind ★
★ only need 15 minutes out of the results , privacy Delivery ★