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100 non-toxic children's outdoor mosquito repellent bracelet baby baby mosquito repellent paste plant mosquito ring pops band

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Wellcome
  • Product Number: wkjj384
  • Color: green frog yellow frog crab Panda Pink Monkey Frog Black White Pink Blue Green Yellow
  • Disc: 1
  • Origin: Chinese mainland

About a bracelet with a mosquito bite will have instructions!!!

Us a repellent bracelet, is formulated with a variety of essential oils from, some buyers will smell just opened the reaction is relatively large, but the pro-assured, Absolutely free amine repellent chemical composition He can prevent driving 98% of the mosquitoes, but there are 2% because of the mosquitoes breed (domestic varieties are 1,000 kinds of mosquitoes), for the odor is not afraid. As experience is that 2% of the mosquito bite, can bracelet for intermediate wet grains supplement, rub the wound, and antipruritic effect. 20 a few dollars can drive away mosquitoes is worth 98% owned, and this is certainly our security, we can accept any unsafe test.