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Vinyl records, has a centuries-old art treasure,

It recorded nearly a century of musical elegance

Until the advent of cassette eighties, nineties CD capture the market,

In recent years, a wave of invincible to MP3, vinyl gradually withdraw from the mainstream music consumer market

However, it never really disappeared sense on the ground.

Perhaps because vinyl suitable for nostalgia,

I miss the good old days and old record player on a lengthy rotation

Perhaps because vinyl suitable for listening,

Music in the Digital Age is less than the total of its warm, rich mellow reverberation

Perhaps all this I do not know more about the music relates nostalgia,

More vinyl records relating manifested attitude to life behind

Ceremony program version of the play, feel at ease,

Cover design vision and the unique flavor comes along years

The vinyl records carefully extracted from the envelope you,

Watching the needle with the ups and downs of the record Engraving

Listening to vinyl records can be an attitude to life,

Slow, delicate, elegant aesthetics listening

We would like to carefully pick out the vinyl version name engraved Collection,

To reverberate in your ears, light up your life


Mei Lanfang (1894-1961) name Lan, Wan Hua word, native of Taizhou in Jiangsu, was born in a Beijing Liyuan family. Meiqiao Ling grandfather is the late Qing Dynasty famous opera actress actor, father Meizhu Fen Jing Kun also famous female roles, mother Yang Changyu famous female opera Takefu YANG Long life, the uncle Mei Yutian Xinpei years of cooperation and is famous musician. when Mei Lanfang juvenile parents died, brought up by the uncle.

Mei-year-old began to learn to play, Wu Ling Xian-year-old studied with famous male, aged first stage, fourteen years 'hi even into' class performance, gradually emerged. In his early years learning to play are some of the positive Tsing Yi play, and learn later than the positive work done in Tsing Yi sing both opera for the first time in 1913, Mei Lanfang Peking Opera Blues went to Shanghai to perform work should play "Muke Village" fame; the following year to go to Shanghai again, for a long time his popularity, unprecedented. 1915 and later obtained Qi Shan, Li Shi Kan like his assistant, have a rehearsal of "Wicked sea waves," "ray of Ma", "Deng Xia Kou" and other fashion show, and "Moon", "diffusing", "Roselle" "beauty" and a number of new costume drama, in singing, acting, costumes, makeup, props and other aspects of bold innovation. this time, Mei Lanfang teacher was also Norman Chan, Qiao Huilan Li Shoushan and other learning opera, singing and dancing from artistic style derive much benefit. he is the author of "diffusing" the ribbon dance, "Moon" in the sickle dance flowers and "Farewell My Concubine" in the sword dance, which greatly enriched the opera female roles Performance art.

Mei Lanfang After a solid training of young workers, teacher true mass and stage performances year-round, in the play, do, read, play in all aspects with high attainments, and gradually formed a performing arts have elegant, fresh and elegant style. He following Wang Yaoqing, breaking the early dan strict division of labor, Tsing Yi, artistes and not allowed to play conventions, Peking Opera Blues absorbing performance skills, the formation of a 'Huashan' business, enrich and develop the female roles of the performing arts. Mei Lanfang singing excellent talent, not only wide bright voice, and blend sounds when singing his early small blessing faction, after the affected Norman Chan, Wang Yaoqing of efforts in articulation, line cavity, gas connection, changing the past, the more rigid stiff in Tsing Yi . its singing singing clear, and mellow flavor, mildly charming, generous and steady work, and strive to meet the feelings of the characters rather than the pursuit of novelty read white articulate its tiny, gently rounded, such as beads down every word;. work performance nuanced, graceful, their sleeves, using gestures, delicate, beautiful and varied; skilled work force training, footwork lithe and quick, clean and beautiful open play.

Mei Lanfang in performance practice singing very seriously creative design. He inherited the traditional female roles based on the art of singing, from "Moon" before, many of the newly created daring repertoire 'South clapper', 'anti Siping tune ',' anti-Sipi twenty-six 'singing and some new tunes and a plate, in addition to some traditional opera singing re-creation processing to make it perfect. in 1923, Mei Lanfang in rehearsal, "beauty" when , and the famous musician Xu Lan Yuan, Wang Shaoqing study pioneered the use of auxiliary erhu Jinghu accompaniment, both hardness and softness, greatly enriched the art of singing female roles, thus creating a new stage singing Mei school.

In 1927, Peking "Shuntian Times" held a contest Peking Opera stars female roles, Mei Lanfang led to the 'four famous' (the other is Yanqiu, Xun Huisheng, Shang Xiaoyun) come to the fore, so that opera entered a a new stage plays in the whole history of the development of opera in the past and the role the moment Mei school of art popular at home and abroad, experts Zhengdu audience imitated.

1931 'nine hundred and eighteen' After the incident, Mei Lanfang moved to Shanghai, has a rehearsal of "anti Kinbyo", "Shengsi Hen" in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of the people of the war. War broke out in 1937, he decided to beard Ming finally stage performances for eight years, the performance of a lofty national festival.

After the founding of new China in 1949, his "Yuzhoufeng", "Drunken Beauty", "Farewell My Concubine" and representative of the repertoire was carefully processed so theatrical reached a pinnacle of the realm. Further shot "Mei Lanfang stagecraft "and Kunqu opera" Peony Pavilion "movie, recorded his regalia spring and fifty years of outstanding artistic achievements. in 1959, to meet the tenth anniversary of the founding, he compiled played" Mu Guiying command ", he succeeded in shaping Muslim Guiying hero image in his later years, he graduated from art crystallization.

Mei Lanfang is not only famous for his exquisite art in the country, and for the first time to spread to the world of Peking Opera and an international reputation. He has been to Japan, the United States, the Soviet Union and other countries to visit the show, with Stanislavsky, Chaplin and other famous artists have forged a deep and sincere friendship for the exchange of international culture and art to make a positive contribution.

(Track description)


1, 6 Farewell My Concubine '15

2, thorn soup 7 '20

3, too true rumor 9 '

4, 8 Drunken Beauty '25


5, 6 beauty '50

6, Yuzhoufeng 6 '24

7, phoenix nest 6 '23

8, Shengsi Hen 3 '15

9, Mu Guiying command 8

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The engraved vinyl records, recording the sound source were collected from China Record Shanghai Corporation archived in metal form of the twentieth century thirty-four's accompanying libretto have every song sound source after each lyrics notes template number related record number, recording date, and date of publication are derived from the record company then left the original records.

In order to obtain the most perfect presentation of the vinyl sheets engraved, China Record Shanghai Corporation hesitate to invest heavily, a sound source went to Germany, inviting internationally renowned manufacturers fever 'Tiger Fish' (Pauler Acoustics studio) as a post-processing, in addition to the use of advanced audio noise reduction technology, try to remove due to age, corrosion and noise generated by the template, but without making any processing. Therefore, the audience is presented to half a century ago the original authentic sound effects, and then cross the German press chip manufacturers Pallas Group with the highest quality HQ180 grams of the highest quality virgin vinyl pressing

For quality and sound quality version of the highly adhere only to present the best music, dedicated to my dear audiophiles