US telescope | World Students Children dual high-powered HD Getting professional deep space stargazing Monocular

US telescope | World Students Children dual high-powered HD Getting professional deep space stargazing Monocular

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Time to market: 2014 summer
  • Brand: Gskyer
  • made in China
  • Price range: 200-500 yuan
  • Telescope optics: refractive
  • Primary mirror diameter: 50-100mm
  • Highest magnification: 210X
  • Coke ratio: 11.67
  • Weight: 4.5KG
  • Telescope bracket type: Jingwei ceremony
  • Primary mirror length: 700mm
  • Color Classification: Package 1: standard (wide aluminum frame) Package 2: Package 1 + shockproof bag + film + Bard 3 star chart Package: Package 2+ SLR photography kit: connect SLR Package 4: Package 2+ phone eyepiece: 5 connected mobile phone packages: Package 2+ phone / card machine photography kit: connect mobile phone / digital camera cards Package 6: Package 2 + 35W pixel electronic eyepiece: 7 connected computer packages: Package 2 + 130w metal electronic eyepiece: take the computer Package 8: Package 2+ phone metal eyepiece + 130W pixel electronic eyepiece (connected computers, mobile phones) 9 packages: Package 2+ solid phone clip: answering a cell phone camera [recommended]
  • Product Number: AZ60700

[⑤ simple operation, installation without tools, suitable for beginners] [① high cost, entry-selection] [② As optics, dual-use] [③25mm World Wide eyepieces, viewing comfort] [④60mm large 700mm long focal length lens] [ ⑥ stable wide aluminum tripod telescope 8] [⑦ focus anniversary, 3 year warranty, worry-free sale]

Do not ask swollen so cheap? Purchase a large quantity of natural cheap.

This paragraph has sold more than 1,900 with the recent desire to restore the original price, MISS Oh!

Challenges same quality and price, this section features:

1, high cost, entry-choice

2, eyepiece entirely positive, in addition to Sky, the good balance of the ground observation.

3, 25mm super wide-angle eyepiece blue film, viewing comfort

4, 60mm big lens, 700mm focal length, high-power high-definition

5, the platform more stable U-shaped bracket, the design of fine-tuning function, simple operation is more suitable for beginners

6, a stable hexagon wide aluminum tripod

7, the eighth anniversary of my company specializes in selling telescopes, worry-free sale

Each course description:

Package 1: The factory standard, the standard itself does not contain (backpack + film + Bard rotating star map).

Package 2-9: inclusive (Bard backpack + film + rotating star map) for each one.

If not needed (backpack + film + Bard rotating star map) This 3-like, please shoot package 1, which is the factory standard.

(Backpack used to carry out, for rotating star map to find stars, Bard film is used at the sun, the sun must use Bard Look at the film, because the strong sunlight.)

There is no reason not to choose Sky by AZ60700?