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DLTXCN R-Clamps | Wire Clamps | Wire Holders 3.3mm | Body Type U Clamps

DLTXCN R-Clamps | Wire Clamps | Wire Holders 3.3mm | Body Type U Clamps
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Donglan Electric
  • Model: 3.3MM R-type clamp

-Specification: 3.3R, 5.2R, 6.4R, 8.4R, 10.4R, 13.2R, 16R, 19R, 23R, 30R, 50R,

Size: 3.3R (screw hole 3.9mm, total length 16.6mm, width 9.2mm, applicable diameter 3.3mm (1/8), thickness 0.8mm)

5.2R (screw hole 4.1mm, total length 16.9mm, width 9.4mm, applicable diameter 5.2mm (3/16), thickness 0.9mm)

6.4R (screw hole 3.9mm, total length 21.1mm, width 9.3mm, applicable diameter 6.4mm (1/4), thickness 1.0mm)

8.4R (screw hole 3.8mm, total length 23mm, width 9.5mm, applicable diameter 8.4mm (5/16), thickness 1.0mm)

10.4R (screw hole 4.0mm, total length 23.8mm, width 9.2mm, applicable diameter 10.4mm (3/8), thickness 1.0mm)

13.2R (screw hole 4.2mm, total length 24.7mm, width 9.3mm, applicable diameter 13.2mm (1/2), thickness 0.9mm)

16R (screw hole 4.0mm, total length 30mm, width 9.4mm, applicable diameter 16mm (5/8), thickness 1.1mm)

19R (screw hole 4.6mm, total length 35.8mm, width 12mm, applicable wire diameter 19mm (3/4), thickness 1.8mm)

23R (screw hole 4.8mm, total length 43.3mm, width 12.6mm, applicable diameter 23mm, thickness 1.8mm)

30R (screw hole 5.0mm, the total length of 46.8mm, width 12.5mm, for diameter 30mm (11/4), thickness 1.5mm)

50R (screw hole 5.0mm, total length 75.8mm, width 12.5mm, applicable diameter 50mm, thickness 1.5mm)

Small size R-type clip at least 6.4 or more have a prominent round