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Children's socks summer thin section children's girls crystal socks stockings socks newborn breathable lace socks infants

Product code: 8372700030
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Product parameters:

  • Listed Year Season: 2016 Summer
  • Brand: finevalue
  • Safety Class: Class B
  • Material Composition: Cotton 40% Silk 37.2% Polyester 19% Polyurethane Elastic (Spandex) 3.8%
  • Socks type: socks
  • Item: et-dw101
  • (5 pairs) small rabbit (five pairs) mesh baby socks (five pairs of equipment) small stripes (five pairs of equipment) small baby (five pairs) Five pairs)
  • 0-2 yards ultra-thin stockings (recommended 1-year-old feet long under 10-13cm) 2-4 yards (recommended 1-3 years old) (Recommended length of 13-15cm) 4-6 yards (3-5 feet soles of the proposed length of 15-17cm) 6-8 yards (6-8 years old soles of the proposed length of 17-19cm) 9-12 yards (9 feet above the proposed length of the soles of 20 -22cm)
  • Size: M
  • Applicable season: Summer
  • Applicable Gender: Female