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Photovoltaic silicon can lead-acid 12V180AH Maintenance-free battery Solar street light system Battery VRLA battery

Photovoltaic silicon can lead-acid 12V180AH Maintenance-free battery Solar street light system Battery VRLA battery
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Photosynthetic silicon can
  • Model: GHGN-Q12V180AH
  • Suitable for: lighting

Rated voltage: 12V

Rated capacity: 180AH

Dimensions: Length 522mm Width 240mm Height 218mm Total height 240mm

Weight: 60KG

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1) long life: the use of lead-calcium alloy plate to increase the battery float life, high-current discharge performance, and strong recovery.

2) low self-discharge: the use of good corrosion resistance of the special lead-made calcium alloy grid, the self-discharge control, room temperature 25 degrees Celsius stored within six months without additional electricity.

1) Suitable for solar street lights Solar hybrid street lights Solar system UPS power system Power system alarm system Fire equipment

2) telecommunications, mobile, network, railway, airport and other communications, signal system backup power;

3) hydroelectric power storage, power system, nuclear power station standby power;

4) ships, marine and other backup power;

5) petrochemical system standby power supply;

6) Marine Signals and Aids to Navigation.

1) Installation, use and maintenance process, the battery shall not be short-circuit, not inverted use, should use insulating tools, and with insulated gloves to prevent electric shock and cause a short circuit.

2) battery abnormalities, should be handled by professionals or contact with the manufacturer, prohibited unauthorized removal and maintenance.

3) The product should be charged in a dedicated charging system, charging system, the DC output voltage fluctuations should not be greater than -1%.

4) Prohibit the use of gasoline, thinner and other organic solvents to clean the battery, otherwise it will damage the battery shell.

5) Long time charging (overcharge) will shorten the battery life; too long to charge (not enough) will affect the load work or lead to abnormal voltage. Charge recommended constant voltage current limiting charger. Do not charge in parallel, or shorten Battery life. Charging should first charge the positive (red), negative (black) charging clip corresponding to clip the battery, do not reverse the charge after the first turn off the power switch, and then take the battery clip.