Automatic medicine pot medicine or health pot pot casserole ceramic electronic Aoyao electric stew pot boil medicine doser machine

Automatic medicine pot medicine or health pot pot casserole ceramic electronic Aoyao electric stew pot boil medicine doser machine

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: repose C5
  • Brand: repose
  • Model: C5
  • Smart Type: Other
  • Color Classification: Eight-core smartphone (black) non-stick + beep dual-core smart (black) non-stick + beeps a smart key (black) non-stick + beep (black) dual-core smart
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Capacity: 3.1L (including) -4L (inclusive)

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Tao Jing stick heating element, there is song prompts, easy to clean, easy to cook prompt Oh, no custody
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Automatic anti-dry function type, not only to cook the drug, but also soup pot

Parents who will no longer have to worry about drug fried paste, boiled water will dry!

Our drug maker has anti-burst feature, you can direct air power test maker, air burning Not burst.

User's Guide (Revised Edition)

1, the test

The first time, first to the body into the water pot, the water level to be higher than the bottom of the pot body heat generator of about 0.5 cm, and then turn on the power, if there are speed file function models, please set fast file, then electricity drug maker will automatically heated to boiling until the water is evaporated to less than the heat generating element is automatically stopped when the heating insulation arrest while song prompts (green) state test is completed, the machine can work,

Note 2 power

Power operation, you must first wire inserted into the machine, then the other end of the cord into the outlet, do not plug the machine into the socket first, improper operation prone to short-circuit the wires touch the fire burning. Make sure the power is turned on pot placed inside the body of water, and higher than the pot inside the heat generation at least 1CM.

3, the two drugs together pot, a drug even following the pot

If customers want to have two drugs together pot, boil into 2 bowls, in this case need to manually control the power, that is, when you see the left about 2 bowls of water when manual power to the remaining 3 bowls of water, 4 bowls of water It is the same reason.

4, put the number of drugs, put the number of water and cook for how long.

Put more water bowls, no problems (the machine will automatically work). According to the principle of the machine, the water level must be higher than the heating element does not exceed the height of the pot 70% (to prevent excess water overflow) general family medicine water pouring heat generator just below the bowl of water around (depending on the density of the dregs, and consistency vary) general adult about 200-300 grams of herb, the more water is placed, the drug will be more time to burn long, boiled medicine is very strong, very good oh. the time normal fast file herbal medicine 1-2 hours, 3-6 hours of slow file, use fast file fried normally, the machine will automatically work especially need to slow boil drug use low gear and suffering (usually rare).

5, after the drug maker to enter medicine or when the water level below the jug fried to heat generation, heat generation at the top of the panel temperature rises to 125 ° -130 °, the drug maker will automatically go to the state by the heat insulating state, then heat lights from! indicates pharmacological finished, turn off the power if no heat, pour the liquid! Usually a decoction of Chinese medicine takes about 1-2 hours, mainly determines how much medicine or water according to the length of time! less water a short time long, juicy time!

6, the drug maker in a holding state, when the temperature drops below the jug 70 degrees Celsius, the drug maker will automatically go to the state to improve the heating temperature, repeated cycles to achieve the insulation effect

7, the insulating state should not be too long, usually do not exceed 3-4 hours, to avoid being decoction dregs suck repeated heating and evaporation, resulting in too little last remaining decoction

8. If you need continuous frying times the original drug, and other drugs should pot temperature dropped to about the same temperature and nature, or taking a dip in cold water for 2 minutes, then the medicine energized fried,

9, reducing the role of water on white ceramic ring

Save water white ceramic ring, its role is to reduce the amount of remaining stew, that is, after a good dose of pot. Please turn on the water when it first ceramic ring placed at the bottom pot body, if ceramic ring will not accidentally disconnected affect the use of the role of the ceramic ring boiling herbs children fill volume, you can also use ordinary ceramic spoon instead. its principle is to take up space at the bottom, thereby reducing the remaining stew.

10. The above methods are decoction of Chinese medicine, stew and soup supplements and pharmacological method is slightly different, the water level is higher than the same essential body heat more than 1CM,

11 Notes

Do not place the pot in the water body wash, causes the bottom into the water and damage to the circuit.

Please insert the wire into the wire machine, the other end of the wire is then inserted into the socket, then plug the machine into the socket to do, easily lead to short-circuit the wires touch the fire. The time when empty pot test may not exceed one minute. (Anti-burst feature does Representative long empty empty burn pot does not burst)

If the machine is still working the water boiled away, it is possible to machine the heat generation portion has to cover the dregs, the impact of the work of the thermostat, if the test with water (do not add dregs) situation persists, the temperature control circuit part of a machine problem Please contact replacement. with timer Free supervised! (please do not try to make the dregs of the top cover to the body heat, but placed around the heating element.