Automatic Chinese medicine pot decoct pot pot casserole pot health pot electronic pot boil pot electric stew pottery drug machine

Automatic Chinese medicine pot decoct pot pot casserole pot health pot electronic pot boil pot electric stew pottery drug machine

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Yang Shen C5
  • Brand: repose
  • Model: C5
  • Intelligence Type: Other
  • Procurement: Mainland China
  • (Black) non-stick + beep (black) non-stick + beep a key intelligent (black)
  • Material: Ceramics
  • Capacity: 3.1L (including) -4L (including)

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Dual-core intelligence +Beep tone +Tao Jing non-stick good cleaning = 56 包邮
A key intelligence +Beep tone +Tao Jing non-stick good cleaning = 56 包邮

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Tao crystal non-stick heating element, there are sound tips, easy to clean, easy to cook tips Oh, do not care
Boiled drug free custody, you can rest assured watching TV, medicine cooked automatically jump insulation. Can be secretly out to go shopping

Automatic anti-dry function, not only cooking, you can also burn soup

Pro no longer have to worry about medicine will fried paste, the water will be dried!

OUR drug pots have anti-burst function, you can directly empty pot power test, air burning Will not burst.

Operating Instructions (Revised)

1, the test

The first time, please first into the pot body of water, the water level should be higher than the bottom of the kettle body of about 0.5 cm, and then turn on the power, if the speed profile function model set to fast, The medicine pot will automatically heated to boiling until the water is evaporated to below the heating body, the automatic stop heating and stop beating while maintaining the sound prompt (green) state. After testing, the machine can work,

2 Turn on the power

To connect the power supply, you must first insert the wire into the machine, and then plug the other end of the wire into the socket, do not insert the socket and then insert the machine, improper operation may cause the short circuit to fire the wire. Body placed inside the water, and higher than the internal heating body body at least 1CM.

3, two drugs with the pot, a pot of medicine with the following

If there are customers want two pots of medicine together, burn into 2 bowls, in which case the need to manually control the power, that is, when you see about 2 bowls of water when the manual power to 3 bowls of water left, The same token.

4, put the number of drugs, put much water, cook for a long time.

According to the principle of the machine, the water level must be higher than the heating element, not more than 70% of the height of the pot (to prevent excessive water overflow). General household medicinal herbs Moisture (Depending on the density of different dregs, consistency and vary.) Generally about 200-300 grams of adult herbs, placed more water, the time will be more drugs to burn the more Long, boiled out of the drug is very strong, the effect is very good Oh. Normal potency of the time for fast 1-2 hours, slow for 3-6 hours, usually use fast file frying, the machine will automatically Especially slow - burning drugs, please use the slow file suffering (usually very few).

5, medicine pot into the decoction, when the fry to the pot water level lower than the heating body, heating the top panel temperature rose to 125 ° -130 °, the medicine pot automatically from the heating state to the insulation state, this time the warm light Generally speaking, a traditional Chinese medicine decocting time of about 1-2 hours, mainly based on the number of decocted time to add water, decocting time! Water short time is short. , The water more than a long time!

6, drug pot in the insulation state, when the pot temperature dropped to less than 70 degrees Celsius, the medicine pot will automatically go to the heating state to improve temperature, repeated cycle, to achieve the effect of insulation

7, insulation should not be too long, generally do not exceed 3-4 hours, to avoid the decoction by the dregs and repeated heating and evaporation, resulting in the last remaining drug is too small

8. If the need to repeatedly fry the original drug, should wait for the pot temperature drops to and natural temperature is almost, or with cold water on the bubble for 2 minutes, then power fry the next drug,

9, the role of white water ceramic ring

White water ceramic ring, and its role is to reduce the amount of remaining soup, that is, after the pot of good dose.Please put the first ceramic ring placed in the bottom of the pot body, if the ceramic ring inadvertently disconnect will not Effect of the use of the role of ceramic ring boiling herbal medicine filling volume can also be used ordinary ceramic spoon instead of its role in the principle is to take up the bottom of the space, so that the remaining drug soup so reduced.

10. The above methods are decocting traditional Chinese medicine, stew and soup ingredients and decoction method is slightly different, the same water level must be higher than the fever over 1CM,

11, attention to matters

Do not place the kettle in the water to clean, will lead to the bottom of the water and damage the circuit.

Insert the wire into the machine first, then plug the other end of the wire into the socket, do not insert the socket and then plug the machine into the wire, it will lead to the short circuit of the wire. On behalf of a long time empty empty burning pot does not burst)

If the machine is still working, it is possible that the machine heating part is covered with dregs, which will affect the work of the thermostat. If the test water (no dregs) is still present, the temperature control circuit part of the machine (Please try to make the dregs will not cover the top of the heating element, but placed in the heat around the body.) Please contact the replacement.