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Tian Xin baby baby socks summer thin baby summer pine stockings children socks stockings children's socks summer thin section socks

Tian Xin baby baby socks summer thin baby summer pine stockings children socks stockings children's socks summer thin section socks
Product code: 8340300030
Unit price 1.61-3.67$
Sold quantity 2073
Available stock 878

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Tim heart
  • Safety class: Class A
  • Socks type: socks
  • Item No .: T401
  • Color classification: 5 pairs of random colors
  • Age: 0-1 years (9-11cm 1-2 years (11-13cm) 1-3 years (14-16cm 3-6 years old (16-18cm socks is a solid color of the micro-1-2 years old (11- 13cm) micro-times 1-3 years (14-16cm micro-3-6 years old (16-18cm socks is a solid color
  • Applicable season: Summer
  • Applicable Gender: Female

Micro-second paragraph does not 包邮, 10 yuan 5 pairs, spinning, long legs, dirty, mind mother carefully shot Oh,

Color more not one shot show random hair Oh O (∩ _ ∩) O

This section baby socks are silk stockings are spinning phenomenon is not a quality problem oh

Such as color requirements, please note that in the case of goods as required, such as hair is not on the random Oh

Ingredients: 26% cotton 71.5% nylon 2.5% spandex

Specifications: 9-11: bottom length of 11 cm or so
11-13: about 13 centimeters long bottom
14-16: about 14 centimeters long bottom
16-18: the bottom length of about 15 cm
The unit is centimeter, the above dimension is the manual survey, because the individual survey technique is different, existence 1-3 centimeters error
Our commitment to seven days no reason to return, the buyer payment to buy shop goods, from the date of receipt of goods within 7 days (if accurate receipt time, 168 hours after the receipt time is 7 days; if the sign time only date , To the next day at 0:00 as the starting time, full 168 hours for 7 days), not for use of goods, not damage the original packaging does not affect the business of secondary sales (quality problems of goods not subject to This limit), OUR commitment to unconditional return with the buyer.
cloth size:
Each child is not the same body, the buyer likes to buy the big one or just different preferences, our customer service is the little girl, the size of the proposed reference only, not as a basis for measuring good children in advance Clothing size and then photographed the corresponding size Oh ~ (due to the scalability of clothes, hand-size measurements inevitably a little micro-out, please do not mind)

Return process:
1) buyers return processing, customers need to contact and first.
2) buyers need to be returned to the designated express delivery of goods (not to accept any form of postage to pay for peace of mail)
3) We confirm receipt of the goods, in a timely manner to give refund or return policy.

Postage Description:
1) non-business responsibility (non-commodity quality problems, goods and description of non-compliance) and initiated by the buyer Returns behavior, all postage by the buyer.
2) As a result of defective goods caused by the return behavior arising from the postage, all borne by the restaurant.

Quality problem description:

Quality problems: clothes damaged (diameter 1 cm above), large dirty, cropped version of the wrong type and other obvious non-controversial quality of our commitment to freight

Non-quality problems: a slight crochet or off-line, small stains, thread, cut painting powder traces, fabrics and imagination, transparent, uncomfortable, feel bad, thick pins and other buyers subjective judgment, not as We do not bear the quality of freight