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Cartoon Cute Locked Mouse Pad | Creative LOL Mouse Pad Bracelet Oversized Game Anime Computer Desk Pad

Cartoon Cute Locked Mouse Pad | Creative LOL Mouse Pad Bracelet Oversized Game Anime Computer Desk Pad
Product code: 8331100030
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Product parameters:

  • Material: rubber pad
  • Color classification: dance floor party 800 * 300MM US dollars 800 * 300MM Galen 800 * 300MM sky scenery 800 * 300MM or thin 800 * 300MM whole head 800 * 300MM pastoral scenery 800 * 300MM Demasia Cup 800 * 300MM China map 800 * 300MM serious 800 * 300MM watch the vanguard 800 * 300MM white nine tail fox 800 * 300MM m word flag 800 * 300MM blue inkjet 800 * 300mm Rui Wen 800 * 300MM daughter 800 * 300MM war dragon 800 * 300MM Lu Bu 800 * 300MM do not stay up all night 800 * 300MM World map 800 * 300MM dark monk 800 * 300MM watch sign 800 * 300MM Timo 800 * 300MM dandelion 800 * 300MM
  • Brand: Highlights
  • Model: Cartoon Cartoon Rubber Mouse Pad

As the camera, light and other issues, the mouse pad in the color of a little bit of color error, mind those who do not shoot.

Now the price of the mouse pad on the market from a few dollars to several hundred dollars, but a share of goods

This is the truth forever.

Only recognize the low price, regardless of good or bad product quality partners please bypass

Many buyers have been confused, why the product looks almost,

The price is above the level, a moment do not know how to choose, which to buy the product.

This shop also purchased some similar products, the mouse pad for the analysis and comparison, and now share

To the buyer friend, for reference choice.

Many mouse pad on the market price is low, mainly in the product material and the lock side cut corners.

1 to reduce the thickness of the mouse pad.

2 material on the cut corners of the game when the mouse pad with the mouse to move, affecting the normal game.

3 simple printing patterns, washed will fade, rough lock side, short life, easy to degumming separation.

On these three points believe that small partners themselves should have their own judgments and choices

Physical map Weighing comparison is as follows