5 ice magic formula laptop radiator exhaust suction side cooling fan Lenovo Asus 15.6-inch machine 14

5 ice magic formula laptop radiator exhaust suction side cooling fan Lenovo Asus 15.6-inch machine 14

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Cool Cold / more cool ice magic ...
  • Color Classification: Black 220V power supply white 220V power supply (for the double version) Black 220V + USB 5V power supply 5V white black (without display) USB-powered 5V black (for the double version) white 220V Power + USB
  • Press the fan configuration: 1
  • Cooling: air-cooled
  • Brand: Cool Cold / more cool
  • Type: Ice Magic 5

Q:This product is heat, okay?

A: Cooling effect is really very good, oh, the treasurer personally tested probably drop 50 degrees (220v version), radiator belongs to auxiliary cooling device, the cooling effect of different computer there will be some differences.
Q: How much inch notebook for use?
A: This is suitable for all radiator outlet on the side of all size notebook use 12, 14, 15.6, 17 inches may be used.
Q: How much power supply cord length??
A:usb5v version uses usb power line about 60cm. 220v version uses the power supply cord is about 190cm.

Q: This product comes with several sets of silicone?

A: This paragraph radiator to meet the different requirements of the computer, configure three different sizes of silicone sets

Letter to Customers

About Noise:

Sources of noise: There are two main aspects

1, wind speed, and the main ventilation amount related to the greater amount of ventilation, wind speed, the faster the higher the swishing sound (similar to the car fast and slow time when the difference), that is, to this effect and also good ventilation and low noise for some extent contradictory.

2, duct design, which should be to minimize wind and duct friction, thereby reducing friction sound.

Magic Ice 5 has been available for some time, received a lot of user reviews, there is that big voice, but also said it acceptable for users of this feedback, we recommend that customers use temperature control mode, Here's how: Start with a strong cooling mode is transferred to the heat sink greater speed, until the temperature down, select the temperature mode (long press the mode button to switch) so that is able to control the temperature can better control the noise! It is relatively easy to use ventilation radiator!