Philips/Philips PPX4350 Wi-Fi Pico Projector | LED projector | Pocket handheld

Philips/Philips PPX4350 Wi-Fi Pico Projector | LED projector | Pocket handheld

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Philips / Philips PPX4350 ...
  • Platform Type: None
  • Trafficking screen size: 68-inch to 85-inch
  • Operating System: No operating system
  • The number of supported colors: 16.77 million colors
  • Best served distance: 3 meters
  • Body size (cm): 9.7x1.7x5.4
  • Keystone Range: None
  • Lamp power: 90w
  • Lamp life: 30,000 hours
  • Zoom ratio: non-scalable
  • color: black
  • Brand: Philips / Philips
  • Model: PPX4350 wi-fi
  • Technology: DLP Technology
  • Zoom: fixed focus
  • Brightness: 200 lumens (inclusive) -300 lumens (free)
  • Resolution (dpi): 640x480dpi
  • Contrast: 1000: 1-2000: 1
  • Aspect Ratio: 4: 3 16: 9
  • Time to market: 2015
  • Package: official standard Package A
  • Bulb Type: LED Bulb

Official standard: Philips PPX4350 (without WIFI function)

Package A: Philips PPX4350WIFI version, here ------ WIFI, Not connect to the Internet, Is wirelessly connected to the phone, the system only supports Android 4.2 and higher, and has a relationship with the phone, Some phones do not have the same screen wireless functionality, it can not connect. Apple mobile phone can also be a wireless connection, but the effect is not very satisfactory, with an Apple recommends 5 to HDMI cable to connect via cable, the projection out of the picture was clear.

Philips as an entry-level projector, the most important function is directly connected to the computer projector, connect your phone to the projector, the commercial aspects such as: You can also put the information to make pictures or videos, attached to Cary, customers go there to do to explain, it is still very useful, very cool ...

As entertainment: You can put the movie on TF card and then copying can enjoy the large projector through a very convenient and very big names ... like how to install X on how to install ...

If you choose WIFI version and your phone can connect to the projector, then the value of the Yen immediately overwhelmed the ...

Either way, keep them coming back, the amount of 100% of it ~