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Enjoy pregnant women low waist underwear underwear U-type cotton in the crotch large size triangle pants spring section brains

Enjoy pregnant women low waist underwear underwear U-type cotton in the crotch large size triangle pants spring section brains
Product code: 8292200030
Unit price 1.91$
Sold quantity 1166481
Available stock 304513

Product parameters:

  • Brand: ENJOY PREG / enjoy the pregnancy
  • Model: 20020
  • Color classification: blue color green yellow pink lace white pink black
  • Size: M L XL XXL F
  • Number of articles: 1
  • Underwear type: maternal general
  • Waist is adjustable: not adjustable
  • Waist type: low waist
  • Style: briefs
  • Material: cotton (95% or more)
  • pattern: plain
  • Function: no trace
  • Clothing style details: low heart

Need different colors of different code can be put into the shopping cart, and then can be photographed together, the system automatically change the price of Kazakhstan! What photographed what Oh!

Hong Kong, Macao and overseas and other remote areas are not 包邮, need Hair Shun and postal mail is not 包邮 what

Underwear main Ingredients for 95% cotton, 5% spandex Crotch for quan cotton.

XXXL arrival, because the day cat system does not XXXL option, so need XXXL pro please direct shoot F Oh, shoot F on behalf of XXXL Oh!

New to a number of goods tag and the old version is not the same, the product is exactly the same, the new and old version of the random delivery tag.

Note that the black because it is heavy, so occasionally there will be faded hair phenomenon, this we can not avoid, mind those who please shoot other colors, other colors do not have such a situation.

Note that the black because it is dark, so the first few times when the washing will inevitably have floating color fade phenomenon, mind who carefully shot black Oh. Shallow color to be washed separately Oh!

Underwear is a personal privacy supplies, it can not return, no one would like to receive someone else to return to the underwear, if I send someone else to return to the underwear to you, even if I say that people did not pass, say just looked at, Willing to, after all, this is a personal privacy supplies. And the situation is more special pregnant mother, a person's body two people's health, so the underwear out of the warehouse will not go in. Quality problems such as breaking the big hole and other big problems, Area dirty, individual place a few centimeters of the thread joints do not color, the number is a small amount of error is not a quality problem, photographed representatives read this agreement!

Friendly reminder: This section underwear fabric has a certain flexibility, so in the cutting will inevitably have a small error (there may be the same number between the same size 1-3 cm small error) photographed representatives of this reminder.