'' Omron child nebulizer NE-C25S home compressed medical atomizer atomizer

'' Omron child nebulizer NE-C25S home compressed medical atomizer atomizer

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Origin: Zhongshan
  • Medical Device Product Name: Compressor Type Nebulizer
  • Brand: Omron / Omron
  • Model: NE - C25S
  • Value-added services: -
  • Implementation of the standard number: 2015210889
  • Registration number: Guangdong armed note quasi - 20152210889
  • Production enterprises: Zhongshan City, the whole health Medical Technology Co., Ltd ..
  • Diseases: Upper respiratory tract infection Laryngitis Asthma Children Upper respiratory tract infection Bronchitis Influenza virus Coldness Gastroenteric cold Lung emphysema Cold cold Wind-heat cold Rhinitis
  • Symptoms: irritating cough dyspnea cough cough cough unhappy sore throat wheezing shortness of breath asthma shortness of breath chest stuffy stuffy stuffy nose
  • Applicable people: not limited
  • Atomizer Category: Air Compression Atomizer
  • Color classification: atomizer (including mouthpiece + mask + catheter + original storage bag) + 'send' band-aid (12) ...

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Purchase Notes: Please read the product manual carefully or under the guidance of the medical staff to buy and use. Taboo content or precautions see the instructions