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Bonded | Japan FANCL / FANCL | bubble ball 3988

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Fancl / additive-free bubble ball
  • Color classification: Sky blue
  • Beauty tools Category: facial beauty make-up appliances
  • Beauty Tools Category: Other
  • Beauty Tools varieties: Other / other
  • Brand: Fancl / no added
  • Makeup / beauty tools single product: blistering ball
  • Specifications Type: normal specifications
  • Effect: Other / other
  • Suitable for skin: oily skin
  • Origin: Japan
  • Shelf life: None

[Baby] Brand: FANCL
[Baby Name]: blistering ball
[Baby] Type: sparkling ball
Product specifications: diameter of about 5cm
[Manufacturers]: Japan FANCL Corporation
People with cleansing powder: Applicable people
[Date] production: none
Moistened with water bubble balls, and then directly to the middle of the ball into the foaming cleansing powder.
After cleansing powder with wet hands to put a uniform, continuous sheets can grip the ball bubble foam.
After the foam is very detailed and can be used for cleansing.

1. This product is a special foaming. Do not apply directly to wash your face, it may cause skin irritation.
2. After use, please fully drained and dried directly exposed to sunlight can cause discoloration.
3. Surface processing coke may cause black color.
In addition, due to the different conditions of use, sparkling colors may fade the ball, then you can continue to use.