PUMA / Puma FUNDAMENTALS Male and female models | hat 052,919

PUMA / Puma FUNDAMENTALS Male and female models | hat 052,919

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Puma / Puma
  • Item: 052919
  • Color: Black 09 ADULT white 10 pink 12 gray 14 black 03-KIDS 09 KIDS navy blue navy blue black 13 white 03-ADULT 02 ADULT 02 KIDS white cherry red - Big Cat 23- KIDS cherry red - Big Red Cat 23-ADULT 04 blue Puma 15 Puma 28-KIDS royal blue royal blue black 28-ADULT 01
  • Time to market: Fall 2016
  • size: one size

Num. 052919
Brands PUMA
Material 100% cotton
product name hat
Product Category Leisure
For people Men and women
Season spring, summer, autumn, winter
Applications Leisure
Size Category International Code

product description Puma ESS male and female models based series hat with 6 pieces constructed to bring you excellent wear fit feeling. After a soft cotton material processing, enhance comfort.

Material Fabric: 100% cotton; front 3D embroidery big cat / PUMA No.1 logo; eyelet embroidery, to enhance the air permeability; Velcro strip dancer

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