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Fluke Fluke 317/319 True RMS AC and DC Clamp Meter

Fluke Fluke 317/319 True RMS AC and DC Clamp Meter
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  • Brand: FLUKE / Fluke
  • Model: Fluke 317/319 True RMS AC and DC Clamp Meter
  • Item No .: Fluke 317/319 True RMS AC and DC Clamp Meter
  • Color Classification: Fluke 317 True RMS AC-DC Clamp Meter Fluke 319 True RMS AC-DC Clamp Meter
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

Fluke 317/319 True RMS AC and DC Clamp Ammeter
Fluke 317/319 high-performance multi-function digital ammeter ammeter, based on electrical engineers on the most commonly used power meter clamp design requirements, tailored for users in China Fluke 317/319 True RMS AC-DC digital clamp meter with ergonomic The compact, rugged digital clamp ammeter is better suited for easy measurement of currents (319A) and for use in confined spaces. 317 and 319 are accurate and easy to use. 40 A small range. FLUKE319 digital clamp ammeter in addition to a series of test functions, also has a start current and frequency function, easy to motor and lighting equipment such as measurement.
  • Unique 40A small range, high accuracy current test - 0.01A high-resolution, 1.6% high-precision measurement
  • Clamps thin, light body, more suitable for easy use in a narrow space
  • Large backlit display for easy reading in dark environments
  • The start current function (319) allows measurement of equipment such as motors and lighting
    Starting current
  • Current frequency measurement
  • Digital Clamp Meter Accuracy is better than 0.01A and 0.1V
  • 1000A AC / DC Current Measurement (319)
  • 600V AC / DC voltage measurement
  • 4000Ω resistance measurement
  • Digital Clamp Meter Sensitive On-Off Measurement
  • Auto power-off function to maximize battery life, so that the instrument can work when needed
  • The display hold function allows the measurement results to be retained on the screen
  • One year warranty
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